Canada 4 K Scenic Relaxation Film Now Available for Viewing on the Destination Paradise YouTube Channel

Destination Paradise is a fast-growing YouTube channel that is rapidly gaining in popularity because each week it posts a stunning, high-resolution drone video from a premier travel destination somewhere around the world. One of the more recent videos that was posted to the site is the ‘Canada 4K Scenic Relaxation Film’. As the name of this film suggests, these videos were created for their sure beauty to help those who watch them unwind and forget about their cares for a little while. There are no strings attached to the films and they are free to watch and completely ad-free. This new video entails drone footage that was shot from coast to coast in Canada and many places in-between and also has mood-setting ambient music playing in the background.

Greg Webster, the channel’s host, and video creator says, “As I was editing this video and adding the music to it, it occurred to me that I never realized just how scenic a country Canada is. This is despite the fact that I could easily fly or drive there at just about any time in my life. Then again, that’s why I created this YouTube channel. Not only do I want people to relax and unwind when they watch my channel’s videos but I also hope it provides them with a glimpse of some beautiful places around the world. Even better if it inspires some of my viewers to actually visit some of these amazing Canadian destinations.”

Canada 4K

Destination Paradise’s host and video creator went on to say that the Canada 4K Scenic Relaxation Film starts with some breathtaking shots of the Canadian Rockies that straddle both Alberta and British Columbia. He added that they are every bit as impressive as the American Rocky Mountains. After these incredible shots in the video, it then shifted its focus to the iconic Niagara Falls area which is commonly listed as one of the natural wonders of the world. The highlight of which is the amazing water flow that comes over Horseshoe Falls on the Canadian side of the falls. It presents viewers with a glimpse of Niagara Falls from above that few tourists ever get to witness. Other popular tourist destinations that made an appearance in this Destination Paradise scenic relaxation film include some aerial shots of magnificent Toronto which is the largest city in Canada as over 2 million people call it home. More incredible rural drone footage was taken while flying over the hard-to-access and rugged, rocky coastline in Newfoundland. He pointed out that this is one of the reasons that he likes to use drone footage in the videos that he posts because it can take his viewers to places that they otherwise would never get to see. According to Webster, he feels that those that watch this Canada 4K relaxation video will also be taken back when they see the wonderful drone video that was shot near the beautiful tall iceberg floats in Arctic blue cold water at Twillingate and the video that was taken of the Timelapse Fog Lake National Park in British Columbia. Other highlight places in the video include Cape Breton Island and some footage that was taken of some outdoor activities in the historic Montreal area.

Webster added that this is just one of the many different scenic relaxation videos that can be seen on his YouTube channel. Others include some beautiful aerial footage shot in such places as the timeless Romanian Countryside, some highlight Greek destinations, amazing video of the Grand Canyon, some beautiful African scenes, and some incredible drone video of Maldives. The YouTube channel host and video creator emphasized that he will continue to do whatever it takes to post these one-of-a-kind, high-resolution drone videos on his channel each week. It was also mentioned that he gladly welcomes any feedback or comments on the videos that have been posted. Webster even personally responds to many of those that leave a comment or ask a question about each video.


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