Can You Die From Alcohol Withdrawals and the Signs of High Functioning Alcoholics Addressed in New Pathfinders Recovery Center Blogs

Scottsdale, Arizona -

Pathfinders Recovery Center is a Scottsdale, AZ-based treatment facility (with locations in Aurora, Colorado as well) that has a long history of helping people that are struggling with substance abuse. This includes helping high-functioning alcoholics overcome their drinking problems. That experience has led this acclaimed treatment center to post a blog on its website that discusses the signs of a high functioning alcoholic. It’s an article that teaches people who suspect a loved one may be in trouble with their drinking to confirm this even though this loved one appears to function normally.

This blog, titled ‘Recognizing the Signs of a High Functioning Alcoholic’ started by saying that the common perception of an alcoholic is they are someone that can’t hold a job and shirks many of their responsibilities but that is not the case at all with an alcoholic that is high functioning as they are almost the exact opposite of every addiction stereotype. It then went on to point out that this trait makes it much more difficult to identify someone who is suffering from alcoholism and to learn the warner signs that are often displayed by high functioning alcoholics. These include drinking being a major part of their lives, consuming alcohol to cope, and those that drink for all different types of situations. The blog also mentioned that high functioning alcoholics tend to drink too much too often, don’t get hangovers even after having several drinks, and are often in denial that they have a drinking problem.

A young woman attorney looks at her wine glass in despair, wondering can you die from alcohol withdrawal

Another newly posted blog by this esteemed recovery center discusses the connection between alcoholism and lawyers. It’s titled ‘The Alarming Rates of Alcoholism Among Lawyers’. Something that the staff at Pathfinders Recovery knows very well as they have helped many lawyers recover at their executive-friendly treatment facility. They are always ready to provide top caliber, luxury care for alcoholism with high success rates that use proven and evidence-based recovery practices. This blog pointed out that while alcohol use disorder is most often associated with blue-collar jobs, it happens with many professionals such as lawyers too. Much of this has to do with those who work in the legal profession having jobs that are often accompanied by high-stress levels. The blog states that this is something that was not brought to the forefront until a study that was done by The American Bar Association and published in 2019 that indicated over 20% of practicing lawyers were drinking alcohol at harmful levels. Even more alarming was the fact that lawyers under 30-years of age were found to be the most at risk of having signs of alcoholism.

The second blog also discussed the risks of alcohol overdose. This includes the effects of alcohol causing mental illness and other mental health issues such as mood changes, behavioral problems, and the reduction in one’s ability to think clearly. Alcoholism is also associated with severe liver conditions and heart damage such as irregular heartbeats, high blood pressure, heart attacks, stroke, and cardiomyopathy. It was also mentioned in this article that withdrawal from alcohol is best done when professionally managed to avoid major health concerns including the possibility of death. A representative of this treatment facility says, “And for anyone questioning the potential dangers of alcohol withdrawal, we'd like to make clear this can be a dangerous undertaking, and that it’s possible to perish from alcohol withdrawals.”

Those who come to Pathfinders Recovery Center seeking treatments for alcoholism often praise the help that they received from the facility. Juan Velasquez proclaimed, “I just finished a 60-day treatment plan and have 2 months sober thanks to the Pathfinder’s staff. They were amazing at helping me get to the root of my substance abuse as well as providing methods and tools to help overcome situations that led me to my addiction. The level of care I was given was beyond my expectations, I was very hesitant at the whole idea of being away from my kids and family but it was a small sacrifice compared to all that I learned and what was gained. I’m now sober living and have made so many new connections and lasting friendships all thanks to my willingness and guidance of this amazing organization. If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, I highly recommend Pathfinders.”

The representative added, “For those considering sobriety for their health in 2022, whether they consider themselves (or their loved ones) high functioning, or not, please reach out to Pathfinders Recovery Centers for advice and a consultation on the best methods for detox to avoid risky, painful side effects and even death from stopping drinking.”


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