Camo Cans Now Offering Affordable Roll Off Dumpster Rentals in Flint, MI

Camo Cans is pleased to announce that they are now offering affordable roll-off dumpsters for rent in Flint, Michigan. This service will provide residents of the Flint area with a convenient and reliable way to get rid of their unwanted items. Company spokesperson Hayden Sprague stated, "Camo Cans says it's time for nearby residents and business owners in Flint to "dump your junk" without having to make a significant investment upfront to do so. Camo Cans offer flexible rental terms, including weekly or monthly rates and discounts based on the volume of garbage being disposed. A dumpster rental is a great idea when you embark on a large-scale project or even if your project isn't too big but still expected to generate more trash than what can be disposed of in a regular collection bin. If you rent from Camo Cans, our local Flint dumpster rental company, you can get rid of waste much more economically and conveniently."

Camo Cans is not a new waste management company. The company has been serving many other cities in Michigan for many years. Their service area currently includes; Fenton, Brighton, Fowlerville, Hartland, and Howell, MI, besides Flint. Hayden further elaborated, "We don't just deliver to Flint. Although we make deliveries to the listed cities, Camo Cans does not limit their delivery service to these areas. Customers who would like a container outside of the list can expect a small delivery surcharge depending on where they are located and how far away from Flint or any other city they may be."

Camo Cans Dumpster Rental Flint MI

Camo Cans offers affordable roll-off dumpster rentals in Flint, MI, in three versatile sizes that fit different projects. Information on the company's website shows the sizes and specifications of their dumpster options in detail. They offer 13-yard dumpsters, 14-yard dumpsters, and 16-yard dumpsters for rent. Homeowners, businesses, and contractors can get the 13-yard dumpsters at $285, 14-yard dumpsters at $295, and 16-yard dumpsters at $305 per unit for a 1-5 day rental period. In addition, the company's rental terms allow renters to extend the number of days one can use the rental dumpster at an additional $15 per day from the sixth day.

Their roll off dumpster rentals varies based on the amount of material they can haul in one trip. For example, a 13-yard dumpster has a 1-ton weight allowance, which can move 2.5 pick-up truck loads worth of trash or garbage. The 14-yard dumpster and the 16-yard dumpsters have a 2-ton weight allowance but are designed to hold 3.5 pick-up truckloads and six pick-up truckloads of material, respectively, in one trip. The company charges customers an additional $15 per ton for materials loaded in a rental dumpster above its weight limit.

Camo Cans has received many positive online reviews as a reliable dumpster rental service across several cities in Michigan. The company enjoys positive reviews and high ratings across Facebook, Yelp, and Google, with many past customers citing the company's professionalism, promptness, affordable and reliable services. Many of the reviews mention that they would certainly use the company's services again in the future. The company keeps an active online presence on Facebook, and anyone interested in interacting with them online can check out the following link:

Camo Cans is open between 7 am, and 7 pm from Monday to Friday, and customers can opt to contact them online, over the phone, or even through in-person visits. They offer both online consultations and in-person consultations with enforced social distancing measures and other safety measures against Covid-19. While customers can rent and book deliveries at any time using their online booking option, they are not physically operational on Saturday and Sunday. As such, all deliveries and pick-ups are made between Monday and Friday.

Individuals looking for affordable roll-off dumpster rentals in Flint, MI, or the surrounding area can find more information about the services offered at Camo Cans through their website


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