Calvin Buys Properties, A Leading Cash For Home Buyer, Has Announced That The Company Will Make Offers Within 24 Hours

The company’s official press release stated, “We buy houses Kansas City and beyond, with offers made within 24 hours.” The official release also stated that the company is now buying homes across Kansas city regardless of type.

Kansas City, Missouri - Calvin Buys Properties is one of the leading cash home buyers in Kansas City. The company has, over the years, purchased dozens of properties across the city and surrounding areas. Over the past few years, the company has been making homeowners some of the best offers for properties that many see as “sub-par.” The company’s official press release stated, “We buy houses Kansas City and will make offers within 24 hours.”

The press release also stated that the company had worked hard to make it possible for them to make offers within 24 hours and less. If anything, that means people who want to sell their homes fast can expect to receive an offer soon too. That way, they can decide if selling the home to Calvin Buys Properties is worth it for them.

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“If you are thinking, how do I sell my house fast, Kansas City, then we rest assured that at Calvin Buys Properties, we buy faster than any other company in the area. Not only do we buy houses in Kansas City, but we now make offers within just 24 hours of homeowners contacting us. The offers are made on the owner’s description of the home, but once it is accepted, we reserve the right to physically inspect the home to ensure that it is as described by the owner.” Said an executive working for Calvin Buys Properties.

She added, “We are the only cash for home buyers that cares about saving homeowners’ time. That said, just because we make an offer within 24 hours, it isn’t a low ball offer, but it is often the best we can do.”

About Calvin Buys Properties

Calvin Buys Properties is a leading cash for home buyer based in Kansas City. The company employs dozens of employees with years of experience. The employees will start with assessing the property and then proceed with the needed paperwork to ensure that everything sails through smoothly. However, Calvin Buys Properties gives the seller the right to turn down the offer or take as long as needed to think it over after an offer is made.


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