Calton Cases Shares Tips For Proper Musical Instrument Care

Austin, Texas based Calton Cases is reaching out to the wider community to share a number of tips for proper instrument care. The company leverages over 50 years of experience, research and development to provide the best premier luxury hard cases in the industry. Calton Cases is proud to say that every part of a Calton Case is engineered to keep the instrument safe for a lifetime.

Jeff Poss of Calton Cases says, “Music is an important part of our lives and if you are a musician, whatever instrument you play, it’s probably something that you live and breathe. Whether you play just for fun or whether it’s how you earn a living, your musical instruments are a possession to be treasured. However, just like any other possession, musical instruments are also liable to get damaged or wear out over time — both of which are problems that can be mitigated by ensuring that you take proper care of your equipment.”

proper instrument care

The first tip that Calton Cases shares is simple: make sure that the instrument is clean. A good way to do this is by simply cleaning the instruments after every few uses. Even if the instruments are not often used, cleaning them can ensure they last longer. Otherwise, dirt and debris will accumulate in the instrument and not only make them sound unpleasant or unnatural but also contribute to shortening their lifespan. While instruments can be easily cleaned by just wiping it with a wet cloth, it is a good idea to take the time for a more thorough cleaning every once in a while.

The company also suggests that musical instruments be kept at room temperature. Since most instruments are carefully constructed, even simple variables like a change in room temperature can lead to them getting damaged. The rule of thumb is that any musical instrument should be kept in a dry place. In cases of hot weather, humidifying one’s house is recommended because high temperatures can lead to wood becoming brittle. Further, heat can melt the adhesives in the instrument and even affect the tuning. On the other hand, if the weather gets too cold, one should take care to warm the house so the wood does not swell, warp or even have mold growing on it. On a related note, if the instrument has been brought inside from either colder or hotter temperatures, the musician should allow it to get back to room temperature before playing.

Finally, the company suggests always keeping the instrument inside its case. While it can add to a living space to have an instrument openly visible, it is a bad idea in the long term. While they can indeed enhance the appeal of a house, the instrument is also at higher risk of being damaged by curious guests or even accidents and mishaps. Stringed instruments, especially, are vulnerable to such damages. This is why it is wise to ensure that the instrument always stays inside its instrument flight case if it is not currently being played. When inside the case, it is also important to make sure that the case is not stuffed with anything other than the instrument it is intended for. As an instrument case is not designed to be roomy, adding extra things into the compartment will put unwanted pressure on the instrument inside. If in need of extra space to carry things, owners should always buy a separate bag.

Further, Calton Cases says not to keep anything on top of the instrument, whether it is in its case or not. Leaving it unattended is also a bad idea, as that can lead to theft or other accidental damages, both of which can be mitigated by insuring the instrument. Finally, Calton Cases stresses that repairing an instrument at home is generally not a good idea, so if a repair is needed, owners should take it to a trained instrument repair technician.

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