Calton Cases Explains How to Choose a Mandolin Hard Case

Calton Cases, a company based in Austin, TX, has recently released a blog post that provides some tips on how to choose mandolin case. The company makes hard cases for various stringed instruments, including electric guitars, acoustic guitars, violins, violas, banjos, ukuleles, mandocellos, mandolins, and more. They offer custom fit cases to ensure that the instrument will fit perfectly inside the hard case. Their cases can accommodate practically any make and model of a stringed instrument.

Jeff Poss, owner of Calton Cases, says, “Our new blog post is for you if you are looking for the right mandolin case but aren’t certain which qualities are the most important. Choosing a mandolin opens up so many opportunities to show off your creativity both inside your home and outside of it. To make sure that you get to enjoy your instrument to the fullest, you need to find the best mandolin case available. We’ve collected some of the top tips for you to remember before purchasing your next case.”

mandolin hard case

The first tip is to look for a high-quality hard case for the mandolin, especially if the musician tends to travel a lot or performs in various locations in different parts of the country or even abroad. However, it is not enough that it is a hardshell case. The article points out that a hard case made of high-quality reinforced fiberglass offers the best protection for the instrument. The material is strong enough to protect the mandolin whatever happens.

The second tip is to ensure that the hardshell case has sturdy latches. Without latches, the high quality hard case will not be able to totally protect the instrument. The latch should be made from a strong material, such as steel. Also important is to ensure that there is a provision for attaching a lock to the latch to ensure safety and security.

Third, it is advisable to ensure that the interior of the case is well cushioned and designed to absorb the forces that may affect the instrument if it is dropped or subjected to a considerable amount of force. Ensuring a plush interior and lined with velvet will also protect the instrument from suffering from scratches, dents and cracks. The interior will also allow the owner to show off his or her personality by choosing a particular color, pattern, and design for the interior that they prefer.

And finally, for instruments made of wood, it is vital to ensure that the instrument is protected from changes in humidity and temperature. Wood with too much moisture tends to warp and even rot. Sudden changes in temperature will also affect the wood material. The best way to avoid such situations is to get a custom-made mandolin case that ensure there is a gradual temperature change inside and prevents humidity from getting inside.

Calton Cases’ mandolin hard cases can accommodate practically any make and model. They are capable of making cases for top brands like Gibson, Collings, and Eastman. They can also support boutique brands such as Ellis, Cedar Mountain, and Glichrist.

The hard cases offered by Calton Cases have several features that musicians may want to consider. These include: a protective shell, humidity regulation, temperature regulation, heights ready, unparalleled latches, and crush proof. The mandolin hard cases they offer have rubber latch guards, bumpers and feet to ensure maximum protection. They have a reinforced fiberglass shell and a hand-stiched leather handle. They have nickel plated steel latches with one locking latch. And they are provided with a customizable nameplate to allow the owner to easily identify his or her instrument.

Customers have been providing highly positive feedback about the instrument cases they have received. For example, Hank A. said, “Calton Cases have been doing a fine job of protecting both of my McCollums, for years. So far neither severe weather exposure nor airline bagging handling has been able to surmount their stalwart defense of my best instruments.”

Those who are looking for a mandolin travel case can visit the Calton Cases website, or contact them through the telephone or via email.


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