California Solar Energy Company Clears Up Some Common Misconceptions About Rooftop Solar Setups

solar company californiaSmall Energy Bill, a company that specializes in solar roofing for homes and businesses, has been providing solar energy setups to Californians for many years now. In that time, they have used their substantial solar expertise and know-how to obtain quality solar products that give their customers a variety of different rooftop solar options. This includes solar energy applications that can be made to fit every customer’s needs and budget. Those at the company have also heard many rumors and untruths about rooftop solar setups that they would like to take the time to clear up.

A company spokesperson says that many people consider solar energy to be one of the newer types of energy sources but that could not be further from the truth. People have been using the sun’s energy for various tasks since the beginning of man. The only aspect of solar energy that’s relatively new is the ability to convert the sun’s rays into usable electricity. He says that those at the company also hear all of the time that it’s very expensive to have a solar energy collection system. When looked at from a short-term perspective this is only somewhat true because solar panels have never been more affordable and more efficient than the latest versions of them that the company sells. The company spokesperson stated that in addition to that, once Small Energy Bill installs a solar setup for a customer, they will immediately experience a lessening of their dependence on grid-supplied electricity that tends to go up in price all of the time. The savings that result from this on a customer’s home energy bill is usually very substantial and that’s why these systems tend to pay for themselves several times over during their usable life. He added that there also is virtually no cost to run and maintain a solar energy collection system once it has been installed, solar panel arrays add value to a home, and these solar setups will significantly decrease the carbon footprint on the earth of a home or business owner that installs them.

Another common misconception about solar energy collection systems that the company spokesperson mentioned was if someone does not have adequate free roof space to lay down solar panels, then they cannot take advantage of this environmentally-friendly energy source. That is entirely false. He says that those who have odd-shaped and cluttered roofs have the option of doing a ground-mounted solar setup. This is done by constructing an angled platform that can accommodate several solar panels. Their techs will face this panel in the direction it gets the most sun throughout the day and it will work just as well as any rooftop solar collection system. As long as a home or business owner has free rooftop or ground space, there is no reason why they can’t have a solar energy collection setup built for them by the company. The company spokesperson talked about how people also feel they can never get totally away from grid electric dependence because the sun does not shine 24-hours a day. He says this is also untrue because there have been significant advances made in the last decade as far as solar setup storage batteries are concerned.

Customers also love the thorough way that this company goes about doing business. Lisa Alexander stated, “Small Energy Bill recently completed the installation of our solar energy system for our home here in California. We chose them based on the excellent reviews and referrals. And they really delivered. They did an amazing job. I’m very impressed with their attention to detail and their professionalism. Thanks so much to the wonderful team!” George Williams wrote, “From the initial quote to the solar panel installation, the work was outstanding. I’m just happy that I chose the right California solar energy company, which is Small Energy Bill. I love how professional they are. I highly recommend them!" The company spokesperson added that they are very aware that all but the basic concepts of solar energy collection systems are new to most people. That’s why they take the time to thoroughly explain to their customers the roles different components on their solar energy setups play and give them solar apparatus options that will best fit their needs and their budget.

Those who would like more information on how to take full advantage of commercial and residential solar panels in California, can call Small Energy Bill, send them an email, or fill out the form that’s found on their website’s homepage.


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