Calgary Seo Experts Receive High Praise From Clients

MRC SEO Consulting, a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and marketing consultant company based in Calgary, Alberta, is pleased to share that they have received an influx of customer support in recent months. Given the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the company believes it is important to maintain the high standard of their services, and comparing the feedback they receive now to pre-pandemic times is useful in measuring how successful they are in this endeavor. Learn more here: MRCCalgary SEO.

Jeff Kahane gives MRC SEO Consulting a 5-Star rating on the Google platform, for instance, stating, “A wealth of knowledge and a pleasure to work with. All my questions answered in an easy to understand way. If you are looking for SEO help, this should be your first call.” In a demanding digital marketplace, a company’s website has an important role advocating for the business and services provided. Search Engine Optimization is used to increase the number of potential clients to a company’s website by boosting online visibility.

MRC SEO Consulting was born from the need to share expertise and to help other businesses grow, and their team has developed several successful methods to accomplish this. In the words of the owner, Mike Chrest, ”I have a genuine passion for what I do, and I love to see my clients’ websites succeeding, I’m always working to analyze and improve existing material to ensure your business’ online presence is the best that it can be.”

Google rankings are the most efficient way to increase business revenue. Search engine rankings provide qualified leads to the consumer who is actively seeking a product or service. Unlike other advertising mediums, such as commercials, this form of uninterrupted advertising targets customers who are already seeking more information about products and services. In other terms, MRC SEO Consulting helps create a brand that Google recognizes as experts in the field and places a client’s company website at the top of the rankings for the searched keyword by increasing their visibility online. For tips on improving a company website, see

Alex Maggs-Wellings refers to the company as a, “Top Calgary SEO consultant. Michael's excellent knowledge can help any business with their search engine optimization campaigns and marketing strategies. Pleasure to work with and be part of his local SEO circle.” This is only one of many other 5-Star Google reviews.

At MRC SEO Consulting, the company follows extensive planning which targets identification, prospect analysis, strategy formulation, content creation, keyword research, trend analysis, user engagement and action flow determination. Plan ‘A’ will be supported with plan ‘B, C and D’ whenever required. If Plan A is proven ineffective, the company will move on to the next plan with no loss of time to ensure quality service for their clients.

Jennifer Watts gives the company a 5-Star rating on Google Reviews and states, ‘If you need SEO services, Mike is the best in the business. Very honest, reasonable price and delivers results. When I hired Mike, we were doing well with SEO in some areas, and I wanted to make sure we maintained that. Not only did he keep us on top for those terms, but he had us doing much better in several other areas very quickly. When we hit a snag about a year later due to Google changes, Mike worked diligently to get us back where we needed to be. At no time are there false promises, he sets expectations in the right place and often over-delivers. There are many people that will say they know what they're doing in this area but he is the person I would trust. Highly recommended.”

The company believes in using legitimate Search Engine Optimization methods which guarantees online visibility. Complete honesty, openness and transparency in communication is also prioritized, with focus on long term sustainability of the client companies. For information on some of the best SEO practices, see The company boasts many years of expertise in online marketing, which is evident in their high rates of client satisfaction.

iBroken Calgary gives MRC SEO Consulting a 5-Star rating in their Google review as well, stating that it is a, “Great company. Michael was definitely a huge part of the success of my company. He will set your company on the right path. Don’t waste your time with a company because they may be larger or have an office downtown. He clearly has his process figured out. 10/10.”

More about the services provided by MRC SEO Consulting can be found on their website. Those interested may also contact the company via phone, email or social media.


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