Calgary Expert Illustrates Link Between Images And Search Engine Optimization

Calgary, Alberta digital marketing agency MRC SEO Consulting is connecting with local businesses to explain how images can be optimized for search engines. MRC SEO Consulting has been providing excellent digital marketing services to businesses in Calgary and the surrounding areas for many years now, and they are dedicated to helping their clients redesign/optimize their websites and improve their businesses.

A representative for MRC SEO Consulting says, “No matter how well-written your content is, images are easily one of the most effective ways to communicate online. As the saying goes, a picture paints a thousand words. Sadly, many website owners fail to use images to their full potential. One of the simplest things anyone can do is to optimize a website’s images, and just this simple process can dramatically increase the number of visitors your site gets as well as the amount of business you get in the end.”

One of the tips shared by MRC SEO Consulting is to install an image optimizing plugin. As the company explains, when it comes to SEO, the size of an image has the potential to cause problems.The good news is that large images can be compressed without losing image quality. However, manually optimizing images takes time, and it’s easy to make mistakes. This is where plugins can be useful. Certain variants, such as the EWWW Image Optimizer, WP Smush and SEO Friendly Images are all excellent options for WordPress websites.

Another factor to consider is the image’s file name, as they often have names that are not optimized for search engines. Good practice for all websites is to name the image something related to the subject matter of the webpage the image appears on. The digital marketing agency also emphasizes the importance of including optimized alt-text, which is a critical component of an image often forgotten or overlooked by website owners. Each image is described by an alt-text field which can be read by search engines. Including words that better describe the image in the alt-text field will help ensure that the image performs better in search engines.

MRC SEO Consulting’s expertise in the field of digital marketing is without question, and many of their clients will attest to the value of their advice. Melissa Landies’s Google review says, for instance, “We were referred to Mike with MRC SEO Consulting by our lawyer. He had been telling us how he gets so many people calling from Google in the Calgary Area for lawyer services, so he decided to talk to Mike. Wow, we were impressed. He explained to us how we can improve our social media presence with a few simple changes, and of course we signed with Mike's SEO program. We are extremely happy with the calls we get from Google in the Calgary area. Whether you need calls from Google or more business, Mike is the right guy. Highly recommended.”

In another review, Bodnarik Martin says, “I was looking to have some Internet Marketing done on a business I own in Calgary and came across MRC SEO Consulting. I gave them a call to speak to Mike about SEO and Internet Marketing. I did not know much, so I asked a lot of questions. Mike was very straight forward and explained it all to me. He then emailed me examples of what he was talking about. In a business that has some shady people in it, Mike was a breath of fresh air. We met and talked a bit more. I have signed up for SEO with him.”

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