Caldwell Residents Turn To Essex Union Podiatry For Effective Foot Care

Caldwell, NJ based Essex Union Podiatry (EUP) is pleased to report that they have been enjoying a great deal of support from patients who have relied on their doctors for foot and ankle care. The clinic believes in personalizing podiatry to each and every individual patient they treat, and this approach appears to have made them a popular choice for those who need medical help of this nature. Besides Caldwell, the clinic also has convenient locations in Rahway and Springfield, New Jersey.

Essex Union Podiatry states, “Our utmost priority has always been on providing a comprehensive suite of services that facilitate the foot and ankle care our patients deserve. Each patient is different, however, so we strongly believe that there is no one-size-fits all strategy that can apply to everyone. Each injury or ailment needs to be viewed in the proper context, and this can only be achieved if we work alongside our patients on the road to their recovery.”

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The clinic relies on four elite physicians at Essex Union Podiatry who are trained in a broad range of specialties that are designed to provide the best care for adults, adolescents and children alike. These physicians are Dr. Jason Galante, Dr. Marshall Feldman, Dr. Nancy Kaplan and Dr. Sarah Haller, and each are beloved by their patients for the commitment they and attention to detail they bring to every case. Furthermore, their combined decades of expertise in the field is supplemented by the latest tools and technologies available for both surgical and non-surgical treatment options.

One of the most essential services offered at EUP is trauma care. This refers to traumatic injuries that occur to the foot and ankle, and patients tend to visit the clinic after being involved in household accidents, vehicle collisions, sports accidents and so on. Whatever the cause, Essex Union Podiatry’s team can respond to non-life threatening podiatric trauma with diagnostic services onsite and a variety of treatment options available for fast relief. The clinic also offers sports medicine podiatry services and foot and ankle deformity correction in addition to trauma care, and patients may expect an equally high standard of services here as well.

As is made evident by the highly positive praise heaped on the clinic through their GMB listing and other online platforms, their services are incredibly popular among their patients. For instance, Kason Tonie’s 5-Star Google review says, “As a runner with weaker bones, shin splints have always bothered me. It's been a lifelong struggle trying to find therapy that works long-term. Dr. Galante's therapy definitely works! Will recommend this clinic to all my friends who need it.”

This perspective is reflected in Michelle Calle’s 5-Star review as well, which says, “My grandma has been dealing with a nasty case of foot fungus for the most part of her life. She's been hesitant to visit a podiatrist and have it professionally treated. After some convincing, I was able to bring her to Essex, and the doctors made her feel at ease. She said she wishes she had it done this sooner. Thanks for taking care of my nana. Very professional clinic!”

The clinic further seeks to reassure patients that their services will continue to be available despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. While they are open and accepting appointments at this time, patients will also be pleased to learn that the clinic’s staff are taking the pandemic extremely seriously. As such, they state that they are complying with CDC guidelines as closely as possible in order to minimize any potential risk while they carry out their mission to provide quality foot and ankle care.

Another 5-Star review from Cathleen Guerriero on the Google platform reads, “Dr. Galante and his staff are outstanding! He listens to your issue and gets the job done! I have suffered with plantar fasciitis for a few years and have seen three other podiatrists with no relief from my pain. Dr. Galante performed a procedure that took the suffering away and had me walking pain-free in no time!”

The clinic encourages their patients to visit their website or get in touch directly with any of their lead doctors for additional information. Patients may also connect with Essex Union Podiatry and keep up to date with their latest announcements through their official Facebook page.


For more information about Essex Union Podiatry, contact the company here:

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