Cairns Tree Lopping Pros Discusses Why It’s Important to Ensure Stump Removal

Cairns Tree Lopping Pros is an Edmonton, Queensland-based company that offers a variety of reputable professional tree services. Among them is the competent way that this tree lopping service goes about removing stumps. The company also realizes that not everyone decides to remove the leftover stump after they have had a tree taken down; something that the experienced tree professionals at this company never recommend. That’s why John Edwards, a spokesperson for Cairns Tree Lopping Pros, wanted to discuss this subject further by talking about why it’s important to remove stumps after a tree has been taken down. Edwards says, “Many times when we meet with a customer to discuss tree removal, the subject of removing the left behind stump is always brought up too. If they ask us our opinion as to whether or not they should get their remaining stump taken out, without hesitation, we always say yes and there are several reasons for that.”

The company spokesperson went on to say that if stumps are not removed people have to remember that means the tree’s root system is still in the ground. As with any roots, they will eventually start to grow a new tree and that can wreak havoc on the ground area around the stump. This includes impacting grasses, other plants, and even sidewalks in the area. Even the smallest left behind stumps will still start to grow and spread out. When this happens, it can also invite unwanted weed growth into the area. If a stump is damaged badly enough in the tree felling process, it may also start to decay and make an attractive home for many different types of invasive yard pests and insects. When it a customer does decide to remove a tree stump, that allows them to reclaim the entire area where a tree once stood and then repurpose it for planting, installing a concrete patio, or being able to use that ground are for many different purposes. Edwards also acknowledged that undertaking Cairns stump removal is never an easy task. This is especially true for those that do not have the specialized training and equipment that it takes to do it right. That’s why it's always best to have it done by professional tree crews such as theirs that know the right way to remove even the largest and most difficult types of stumps. He added that their crews have never come across a stump that they could not successfully remove even though some are definitely more challenging to get out than others.

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According to the company spokesperson, if a customer does insist on removing a leftover stump themselves there are some important steps in the process which they should be aware of. This includes digging around the entire root ball that is underneath the stump before attempting to take it out. For bigger stumps, he cautioned that one also has to be very careful as they dig down the distance required to go around the entire root structure of large stumps. That’s because they may encounter buried objects such as electric lines, water pipes, and underground cables. He added that the most important attribute for anyone that attempts to do DIY stump removal is patience because it will probably take a long time to complete the job but with a lot of careful planning and determination, it can be done.

In addition to stump removal, Edwards also mentioned some of the other professional tree services that they have become well-known for doing in and around Cairns. This includes the wide variety of tree lopping and trimming services that they offer. These services are designed to optimize tree health and significantly improve the appearance of the trees in a landscape. He says that they also are happy to do land clearing for their customers, more difficult palm tree removal, and get to their customers quickly if they need any type of emergency tree services. The company is also fully licensed and insured and one of their three certified arborists is always ready to assist their customers with expert tree advice. The company spokesperson also emphasized that safety is always their number one priority when doing any type of tree task and a thorough cleanup is an important aspect of any tree work that they take on.


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