Buzz’s Bee Removal of Statesboro Offering Professional Bee Removal Services

Buzz's Bee Removal of Statesboro has provided the local homeowners and business owners of Bulloch County with professional pest control solutions for over two decades now. Their commercial and residential services have received a ton of amazing reviews online and are known for being super reliable and affordable. Their exterminators mostly deal with stinging insects like any species of bee, wasp, or hornet. They have grown at a rapid rate over the years in order to protect as many people from stinging pest infestations as possible.

The president of the company announced on Thursday last week that they are going to be merging with a smaller, local pest control company. The merger was announced in an interview and states that Buzz's Bee Removal will be getting new pest control equipment, utility vans, and employees from the other unnamed pest control company. The new equipment will help them better take care of pest infestations in the area at a faster rate with better protection.

The utility vans have already been designed for pest control so their team of exterminators can better organize their tools and supplies. This will allow them to perform their services even faster and make it easier for them to stay organized. The vans will also help them arrive to the target property more reliably and in record time.

The president also announced that two exterminators will be transferring from the smaller pest control company to Buzz's Bee Removal. The president said, "We are continuously trying to expand our reach in order to help as many people as possible. This merger will allow our team to perform jobs faster than ever before while also ensuring high effectiveness. We are also hiring two new exterminators who will help us expand our service area in order to help more people. No one should have to deal with a stinging pest infestation on their own. This can be dangerous and, in some cases, fatal."

Their services have been awarded a ton of great reviews online by local residents. Their most popular services are their wasp extermination services. They also offer honeybee removal. Honeybees are extremely important to the health of the environment so they use non-lethal procedures to carefully relocate them to a local beekeeper. Speed is the most important thing when treating pests because the longer they are left untreated, the more damage they will cause. That is why their team offers 24/7 protection to help with any infestation no matter what time it is.

If anyone in the area thinks they have a stinging pest infestation on their property they should contact Buzz's Bee Removal of Statesboro right away. They can be contacted by phone or on their website at Their team is extremely helpful and friendly and would love to help with any questions or concerns that people might have.


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