Buzz’s Bee Removal of Smyrna Announces Merger

Buzz’s Bee Removal of Smyrna has stated in a recent report that they will be merging with another local pest control company. The other company is smaller and has decided to stay unnamed for the time being. They will be providing Buzz’s Bee Removal with brand new pest control equipment, new utility vans that have already been prepped for pest control, and two new employees.

Buzz’s Bee Removal of Smyrna has been offering professional pest control services to the local residents of Cobb County for over fifteen years. They are planning to continue to protect their community into the future by expanding their service area and team to help as many people as possible. Recently, the company was looking to expand their team in order to help more people with various pest infestations for residential and commercial properties.

The president of the company explained why the merger is so great for the company and how it will help them expand their service area and boost their customer base. He said in a recent interview, “We have been offering this area quality pest control services for years now. Since we have opened we have grown at crazy speeds to help as many local residents and business owners as possible. Recently, we made a merger agreement with another local pest control company. The merger will provide us with new equipment, vehicles, and employees to better protect our county. This merger will really take this company to the next level and will add more protection against the pests.

The company specializes in stinging pests like bees, wasps, or hornets. They have been actively protecting people against these dangerous pests for years and have a lot of great reviews to show for it. They do a better job at exterminating stinging pests than any other pest control company in the area. Their team constantly goes to workshops and seminars to stay up to date on the most advanced techniques and equipment for reliably exterminating pests. They also offer non-lethal bee removal services for when people are faced with a honey bee infestation. Honey bees are crucial to the environment so they should be left alive and relocated to a local beekeeper.

If a local resident or business owner suspects a stinging pest infestation on their property, they should contact Buzz’s Bee Removal of Smyrna today. They are open from 8 am to 5 pm every day and would be glad to help anyone in need. Their superior team of exterminators can be reached by phone or on their website at


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