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There has been a major rise in the number of pest cases in Atlanta, Georgia recently. Luckily, Buzz’s Bee Removal of Atlanta is here to help. The company just opened their new location the other week and has already helped hundreds of multiple people with various pest control problems. The company has a team of professional exterminators who have had hours of training in order to effectively remove any pest infestation they are faced with. The company also was sure to hire people with years of experience in the industry so that they are certified for the job.

The company specializes in stinging pests so they can take care of any species of bee, wasp, or hornet. They understand the importance honeybees have to the environment so they perform non-lethal remove procedures for honeybees. They will safely remove the honeybees and their hive from the affected property and will relocate it to a local beekeeper. There, the bees can continue to make honey and pollinate for the environment. Once the bees are completely removed, they will repair any damages that the bees might have caused and will properly sanitize the area. This ensures that the bees don’t come back in the future.

Another service that they provide is wasp extermination. The company will quickly arrive at the pest infested property and will immediately begin locating the nest and identifying the species of wasp they are dealing with. Then, they will curate a plan to decide the best way of exterminating the wasps from the property. Once the wasps and their nest are completely removed, they will treat the area the nest once was. Wasps like to return to their previous location every year. To prevent this, Buzz’s Bee Removal uses eco-friendly sprays and industrial equipment to clean the area back to new. The wasps won’t be able to identify as their home ever again.

The final stinging pest that they deal with is hornets. Hornets, just like most wasps, can be extremely aggressive and are very territorial. If people get close to their nest they will not hesitate to attack. Because of this, it is wise to always call a professional hornet exterminator. The president of the company said in a recent interview, “We are happy to provide hornet removal services so that people don’t have to worry about the risk of being stung. We don’t want anyone to have to worry about hornets on their property so we have decided to make our pest control services very affordable so that everyone can get the protection they need. We offer commercial and residential services and are constantly growing our service area to help as many people as possible.

The company is known for their reliable pest control services. They also offer routine checkups to make sure that the pests are staying off of the property they are treating in the future. These pest checkups can be flexibly scheduled monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, or annually. They do not require a contract so people can feel free to cancel at any time. This just ensures that there is no risk of being stung and there are no hidden stinging insects trying to build a new nest.

Bee, wasps, and hornets can be very damaging to the structure that they choose to build their nest in or on. Because of this, it is best to contact a professional as soon as possible. The faster the infestation is taken care of, the less damage there will be to fix and the less risk of being stung. Buzz’s Bee Removal of Atlanta has a team of helpful representatives on standby every day in order to help anyone who has a stinging pest infestation on their property. If any Atlanta resident or business owner is in need of professional pest control, they should contact Buzz’s Bee Removal today. They can be contacted by phone or on their website at


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