Buzz’s Bee Removal of Alpharetta Provides Pest Control Service to Fulton County

Buzz’s Bee Removal of Alpharetta just opened their doors last week and has already helped hundreds of people with a wide variety of commercial and residential pest infestations. The company has a team of ten professional pest exterminators who have years of experience in the pest control industry. They specialize in singing pests so they know how to treat every species of bee, wasp, or hornet in the area. They have been getting a ton of great reviews online and are known for being affordable and reliable. They have been really busy in their first week and are planning to help as many people as possible in the future.

They offer three services for each pest that they treat. The first service is pest extermination or relocation. Their team will quickly identify the species of pests on the property and will completely exterminate them. If it is a honey bee infestation they are dealing with, their team will safely relocate the bees to a local beekeeper. There, they can continue pollinating and making honey. This service is useful because it will completely remove any bee, wasp, or hornet on the target property.

The next service they offer is their routine checkups. These checkups can be scheduled monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, and annually. They do not require a contract so customers can feel free to cancel at any time. These services just make sure that there are no new pests trying to infest the property. This prevents the problem from ever happening in the first place, instead of waiting for the infestation to happen and then trying to fix it.

Their final service is their pest prevention solutions. Once they have completely removed any stinging pests from the target property, they will perform a series of procedures to prevent another infestation in the future. This ensures long-lasting protection so that the property owner doesn’t have to worry about getting stung or pests doing damage to their property. An employee of the company said, “Most pest control companies will skip this step because they don’t think it is necessary. This is a big mistake. Most species of bees, wasps, and hornets will return to the original location of their home every year. If their hive or nest has been destroyed, they will make a new one. In order to prevent this, our team will properly repair any damages they have caused and then will sanitize the area. This makes it impossible for the pests to recognize the area as their home.

Buzz’s Bee Removal has a ton of great reviews from local residents so if anyone thinks they have a pest infestation on their property, they should contact Buzz’s Bee Removal of Alpharetta today. They can be contacted by phone or on their website at The faster they are called, the less damage the pests will cause. People should contact their team of professionals as soon as they recognize an infestation on their property.


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