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Adults in the Toronto, Ontario region of Canada wishing to buy magic mushrooms online have a great new option in Faded Fungi which is announcing their online store as a place for Canadians to mail order magic mushrooms for delivery. Faded Fungi has a wide variety of psilocybin based products for the discerning customer and those new to mail order shrooms alike. The company is best known for their microdose blends, which they claim are among the best microdose blends on the Canadian magic mushroom market.

Faded Fungi offers four blends of dried shrooms in microdose capsules, each designed with the goal of assisting users to achieve a different state of mind. The options available are Adapt, Elevate, Zen Rest and Ignite. These blends contain dried mushrooms from the golden teacher strain, along with other plants and potentially medicinal substances to nudge the body towards feeling some kind of way. Along with the shrooms, these blends contain such ingredients as herbal adaptogens, Lion’s Mane, cannabidiol, and others, for people who want to feel more relaxed, more productive, or more focused. The microdosing blends are divided into capsules, each containing either 50 mg or 200 mg of shrooms, which means they have options for the beginner and the experienced user who wants a stronger dose. The website recommends starting with a 50 mg dose, as the most common factor leading to bad experiences with psilocybin is starting with too large of a dose. These microdosing capsules are a great option for anyone who wants to try to microdose shrooms, as they offer the product in small, carefully measured portions, so consumers know exactly what dose of magic mushrooms they’re getting.

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Faded Fungi also offers a variety of shroom based edibles, including several flavors of psilocybin gummies and a variety of magic mushroom chocolates. All of these products have been carefully portioned into small or moderate doses of psilocybin for users who are interested in experiencing a high. One such product is a package of milk chocolate bunnies, each containing half a gram of dried shrooms. Some of the gummies, available in 1.5 gram and 3 gram sizes, are designed so they can easily be divided into smaller portions, which provides another option for those interested in microdosing magic mushrooms. Many of the gummies available through Faded Fungi’s online store have been made with a process called lemon-tekking, which converts psilocybin into psilocin prior to consumption, rather than the conversion happening in the stomach as it does when a person consumes raw mushrooms. This process can lead to psilocybin products causing a faster, shorter and more intense experience than the highs experienced from consuming raw mushrooms, which take time to be converted to psilocin after consumption and thus take longer to act on the body and brain. Lemon-tekking psilocybin also helps produce an experience that is more consistent, and with less nausea, than raw mushrooms might provide.

Finally, Faded Fungi offers raw magic mushrooms, which are available in small portions, or in bulk for a significant discount. They offer a variety of strains of psilocybin mushroom in this form, including the widely-known strain Original Penis Envy, and a potent strain from Southeast Asia named Cambodian Creeper. The Faded Fungi website also offers a treasure trove of information for new magic mushroom users on every product page, including information about the potential effects of using psilocybin and how to ensure a positive experience using the substance. They recommend new users start out slow, with low doses of mushrooms, and have a trusted person who is not using any substances nearby to keep watch on their first experience in case something goes awry.

For the best chance of a good experience with magic mushrooms, Faded Fungi recommends a calm and safe environment, without much stress, but, perhaps, with colours, music, nature, and warmth. They also recommend going into an experience with mushrooms in a calm mental state, and with few expectations. Anyone interested in trying magic mushrooms or looking for a place to buy magic mushrooms online can find them at Faded Fungi, with shipping all over Canada.

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