Buy A Merlo Telehandler In Chicago With Imperial Crane Services

Imperial Crane Services, a manufacturing company based in the eastern United States, is pleased to announce that they have telehandlers for sale in Whiting Indiana. The company is also pleased to offer their wide range of products to customers in Illinois and the surrounding areas.

The company points out that telehandlers are helpful in many industries. Also known as telescoping handlers, these machines work like forklift trucks but with a crane attached. They are primarily operated by factory workers to facilitate the movement of cargo and are also used by farmers to move chunks of soil, hay and big crop crates across the ground.

Construction workers and toolpushers rely on telehandlers as well when carrying steel bars and oil tanks. Meanwhile, even house owners have been known to consider such equipment for private use. In fact, Future Market Insights predicts that the demand for these versatile machines will rise by 5% in the next decade. The issue, however, is that most Americans find telehandlers to be expensive purchases.

In light of this, Imperial Crane Services is willing to help business owners acquire such machinery at a reasonable price. They also highly encourage other members of the general public to buy a Merlo Telehandler in Chicago, given its ability to perform several functions. These machines are built in such a way that they can support heavy objects and assemble complex infrastructure, which is very useful for businesses that require mobility.

All telehandler models of Imperial Crane Structures employ special tools meant for counterweight and precision. These include hydraulic hoses and cables, ensuring work productivity, as well as booms capable of a full range of motion. Moreover, there is a ‘ring of steel’ that helps the machine withstand extreme damage.

Imperial Crane Services also asserts that the structure of their telehandlers complies with high safety standards. Since these machines have been designed for robust use, all units are guaranteed to perform efficiently with very minimal maintenance. As a result, the risk of having defective equipment is almost non-existent.

Additionally, Imperial Crane Services emphasizes their commitment to transparency by sharing the blueprints for their telehandlers on their website as well. They use AutoCAD software in order to create the designs and plot the possible functions it will be used in. They are also able to show accurate measurements of the machines’ length, width and depth. Since it is also interactive, the blueprint lets customers simulate the process of carrying heavy objects and see the immediate results.

Staff at the crane service provider are also proud to showcase their exclusive Telogis GPS system. Unlike traditional forklifts, which cannot track precise locations, the company’s telehandlers are capable of detecting not only direction but also obstacles that cannot be seen. The Telogis GPS system even has tools for tracking nearby traffic data, weather updates and valuable driver data. Thanks to its navigation facility, workers using Imperial Crane Services’ telehandlers are able to work more efficiently and minimize the need for supervision.

Imperial Crane Services also offers crane rental in Chicago to those who will only use telehandlers a few times. For instance, there are four cranes designed for farming – they range from $650,000 up to $3 million per unit. Those working in rough terrains may use models like the Link-Belt and Tadano, available for as low as $170,000.

On the other hand, industry workers may consider Imperial Crane Services’ boom trucks, which cost about $300,000. Other variants include the carry deck industrial crane, Manitowoc crawlers and forklifts whose prices start at $70,000. Moreover, crane parts or bolts are available for those who want to create their own telehandlers. Imperial is also offering a radically reduced 2014 50.18 for sale. This 12,000 lb. machine has state of the art safety features and attachment parts available with a maximum lift height of 58’7’ and maximum reach of 42’3’.

As presented in a glowing review that is proudly shared on Imperial Crane Services’ website, Bryce Peterson says, “Imperial Crane Services has a reputation for having a lot of high-quality equipment, so we chose the company for that reason. The wind projects are not the first time we’ve utilized Imperial Crane Services’ cranes. We’ve worked with them in the past and will continue to work with them in the future.”

Those who wish to purchase or rent telehandlers and other heavy equipment are welcome to contact Imperial Crane Services today to get started. Alternatively, interested clients may connect with the company via social media to stay up to date with their news and announcements.


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