Butler’s Auto Highlights Number One Auto Recycling Country: Germany

Milton, FL - According to a study by a recycling lobby group, Germany currently leads the way in waste auto recycling into new vehicles. According to SaveOnEnergy, Germany recycles automotive waste nearly twice as well as its nearest competitor, Austria. This statistic comes as all European automakers are being held accountable for helping their countries meet the End-of-Life Vehicles Directive. This directive was created to reduce the volume of vehicle waste produced annually between European Union (EU) members, which is within eight million and nine million metric tons, currently.

To evaluate the specific effectiveness of each country in their recycling of automotive waste, SaveOnEnergy measured the cumulative tonnage of automobiles reused as a percentage of total waste. A comparison was made between the reuse and recovery rates in each EU country and the average rate for the entire EU.

Germany outperformed the EU recovery and reuse rate from 2006 to 2018 by an average of 7.75%, placing it firmly in the lead for reducing end-of-life vehicle disposal. The second place goes to Austria, where the rate of recovery and reuse has outperformed at the same time by 4.79 percent on average. Iceland was third with an average of 4.28%.

Malta ranked last among the 31 countries with a recovery and reuse rate of -17.6%, while Italy underperformed by an average of -6.99 % the EU recovery and reuse rate over the study period. Perhaps more concerning is the fact that the UK, Europe's fifth-largest economy, was in 25th place with a -1.82% recovery and reuse rate during this period.

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