Business Growth Expert Keith Herman Publishes New Book On Entrepreneurship As Guide To Startup Success

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Miami, Florida based IPA Equities is pleased to announce that their founder, Keith Herman, recently published ‘Disruption Out of the Box: An Entrepreneur's Guide to Success,’ his latest book. Herman is a leading business growth expert and consultant, venture capital strategist and public speaker based in Florida. In his new book, he primarily lays out the important aspects of a great business plan as well as the critical elements and the processes needed in order to achieve success and realize one’s destiny.

His newest book seeks to explain the principles that he has taught other entrepreneurs over the years. He has even taught these important principles to audiences that include Fortune 100/500 companies, founders, C-level executives and other top level positions. The stories contained within the book convey the essence of his journey and elaborate on a great deal of his success by utilizing story-based learning as well as professional case studies. In fact, his business principles are proven to precisely illustrate the roadmap to success, and Herman is dedicated to sharing them with clients, students and business groups around the world.

In his own words, Herman describes his new book as a clear, recognized and proven roadmap to both business and personal success. “The business principles that I shared in my book are unfortunately not taught in schools and are also not widely known or shared. Instead, I have discovered them generally by trial and error through years of industry experience, extensive reading and highly selective sharing. Ironically, these principles can easily be understood by many and are replicable by all and, therefore, should be shared,” says Herman.

This is why, for the purpose of properly educating business-minded people, the book shares many of Herman’s own strategies in his capacity as a global thought leader highly sought after as a corporate adviser, business growth expert and keynote speaker. The book also includes discussions on vital business strategies, the creation of strategic partnerships, expanding one's professional network, achieving explosive growth and much more.

Herman also includes stories that were drawn from his own experiences in raising more than $500 million for his successful ventures. He also shares his different personal experiences, such as how his career began in an internship program. He also discusses how he wanted to train students and young entrepreneurs on working collaboratively to garner positive publicity. Specifically, he wanted to teach them how to raise brand awareness, increase sales, attract capital and form strategic partnerships, and more than 175 interns have passed through since the inception of this project.

Herman’s expertise in the field is demonstrated by the fact that he is an entrepreneur who has owned, scaled and successfully exited more than 50 SMEs. He is recognized on a global scale for his notable work with startups, global corporations and emerging technology. His mission, he says, is to educate people to learn from his success, the bulk of which he attributes to strategic partnerships he built with funding sources, corporations and institutions. Some of the notable businesses he partnered with include multinational companies like Chase, Citibank, Haseko and so on. Herman points out that, because of these partnerships, he was able to achieve elevated revenues, improve his reputation and build brands that ultimately led to big pay-offs.

Herman is known to selectively partner only with reputable top executives and management teams, so they can both develop business solutions, strategies and execution plans to catapult their organizations to their goals in record time. Thanks to his achievements, he is published in Medium, Forbes, Thrive Global and many other prominent publications. He has also recently formed Oura Collective PR and Marketing For Tech Companies and Startups so he can help others with their marketing strategies and other related endeavors.

As noted on his website, Herman wrote Disruption Out of the Box: An Entrepreneur's Guide to Success based on his own failures and triumphs. For more information on his book and professional consulting services, interested parties may visit

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