Bullseye Tax Relief Announces Free Consultation and Transcript Analysis

Based in Northridge, CA, but serving clients nationwide, Bullseye Tax Relief has announced that they will be providing a free consultation and transcript analysis for new clients. Valued at $1200, the free consultation and transcript analysis allows people and businesses to explore their tax relief options worry-free. These two services are the first step in achieving tax relief, and allow the tax professionals to properly assess the best course of action for an individual or a business.

“The events of the last few months are unlike anything we’ve ever seen before,” the company CEO, Maximos Behnan, said of the decision to begin offering free consultations and transcript analyses. “We wanted to give people and businesses an opportunity to have a conversation about their tax relief opportunities without having to worry about additional costs. We want our clients to see the light at the end of the tunnel, not a deeper hole to climb out of.”

After the initial consultation and transcript analysis, which also includes a financial information form and obtaining power of attorney if the client wishes to move forward, the tax professionals will help businesses and individuals complete, submit and correct any unfiled or improperly filed returns. From there, the team at Bullseye Tax Relief can give clients specific solutions for their situation and assist in choosing the best strategy to resolve the case. Once the strategy has been chosen, Bullseye Tax Relief will complete any required forms or documents, conduct interviews, communicate with taxing authorities, manage any new developments and follow up on and review any results until the case is fully resolved.

To achieve the best results for their clients, Bullseye Tax Relief offers a variety of options, strategies and services, depending on their particular needs and requirements. Some of the most popular are Offer In Compromise, Currently Non-Collectible and Penalty Abatement. Offer In Compromise was established to help those unable to pay off their debt without experiencing financial hardship to settle their tax debt for less than they owe. Similar to Offer In Compromise, the Currently Non-Collectible option is for those that agree they owe money to the IRS but are in a financial situation that makes it impossible to pay back the full amount without experiencing hardship. Meanwhile, Penalty Abatement can grant an individual or business relief from paying penalties related to failing to pay or deposit required taxes. For more information about other options and strategies to tackle tax relief, interested readers can visit the Bullseye Tax Relief Services Page.

Besides tax relief services, Bullseye Tax Relief also offers tax preparation services. Whether it’s individual income tax, business income tax or business payroll tax, Bullseye Tax Relief is more than ready to help. With a team of CPAs, enrolled agents and registered tax preparers, Bullseye Tax Relief can help individuals and businesses with improperly filed returns, late returns and even returns that weren’t filed at all.

Any individuals or businesses with a need to explore their tax relief or tax preparation services can take advantage of Bullseye Tax Relief’s free consultation and transcript analysis. Bullseye Tax Relief is located at 16933 Parthenia St #202, Northridge, CA 91343 and open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday. Interested readers can also visit their website at www.bullseyetaxrelief.com or contact Bullseye Tax Relief via email at info@bullseyetaxrelief.com or by phone at (844) 582-3323.


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