Building Restoration Has Been Trending and Has Reached a 5 Year High as of October, Says Real Restoration Group

Real Restoration Group, a home builder based in Chicago, IL, that offers various services including home restoration and other kinds of restoration services, has revealed that building restoration has been trending, according to Google Trends, and has reached a five-year high as of October 2020. It should be noted that building restoration had a flatline for the three-month period in the spring but it has now bounced back, even higher than before. They want people to know that their team is ready to provide their services if there is a need to restore a home or property after a disaster. They offer a 24-hour emergency helpline that people can use in case they require emergency building restoration services.

Morris Gershengorin, founder and CEO of Real Restoration Group, says, “Ready to start a project with Real Restoration Group? There is virtually nothing we haven't seen in terms of damages caused by fire, flood, wind, or other disasters, and virtually nothing we can't overcome to help restore the lives of our clients and their properties.”

Real Restoration Group custom home builders

Morris Gershengorin is a native of Chicago and even at an early age, he had already developed an interest in home restoration, construction, and development. He has more than three decades of experience in home building and restoration. Clients include Fortune 500 companies, small business, All insurance carriers and everyday home owners.

Real Restoration Group is capable of providing various kinds of services. These include commercial construction, residential construction, emergency services and restoration, and institutional services for any property type, from single family and multi-family homes to, hospitality, office, retail, and mixed-use properties.

In the event of a disaster or any unfortunate incident like a fire, flood, or strong winds, the company’s emergency services group is always ready to provide restoration services. They can provide first responder services and a comprehensive best-in-class team to help the client in the assessment of damages, mitigation, and the procedure for restoration.

They are also capable of providing home construction services, whether the home requires repurposing, rehabilitation, home additions, home improvement, or simply building a home from scratch. Morris Gershengorin says, “We invite you to view our custom home builder projects. We have photos of the different projects we have completed on our website.”

They also have significant expertise for every kind of commercial construction, from multi-family and mixed used, to office, retail, and hospitality. Clients can have commercial buildings built or updated with minimal hassle and maintenance. A team from Real Restoration Group will serve as the commercial construction manager or general contractor, administering all of the different aspects of the construction project, from project planning to design to execution of the building plans.

With their institutional services, they will assist the client with regards to real estate investments. They will help to minimize the uncertainties by focusing on the quality, processes, finishes, and the various details to ensure that the earning potential is optimized and the investment goals are met.

Real Restoration has also developed a reputation of being able to deal efficiently and quickly with most leading insurance companies, thus creating less stress for those who are involved. In the event of a disaster, their team will respond as quickly as possible, and upon arriving at the scene, they will immediately make an assessment, with their first priority being the safety of the property owners. They will quickly develop a plan and then execute it. Those who have been affected by the unfortunate event will have peace of mind knowing that their home, business establishment, or non-profit organization is in good hands and being cared for by the experienced first responders from Real Restoration. Real Restoration is capable of providing multiple construction services throughout the Chicago area but none of these are more vital than the emergency restoration services that they offer.

Those who are interested in learning more about Real Restoration Group and the various kinds of services they can provide may want to check out their website, or contact them on the telephone or through email.


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