BSP Legal Marketing Expert Viktoria Altman Shares How and Why Businesses Should Use SEO on Chasing the Insights Podcast

NEW YORK CITY - SEO expert and the CEO of the New York law firm marketing agency BSP Legal Marketing, Viktoria Altman, joined Chasing the Insights podcast host Vince Warnock to discuss how and why paying attention to SEO helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

Being an entrepreneur herself Viktoria Altman knows not only how to start and grow a business but more importantly what proven tools are there to help the businesses grow, and shares her tips on using SEO with Vince Warnock, a business and marketing strategist.

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"In this episode of Chasing the Insights, I talk to serial entrepreneur and SEO guru Viktoria Altman," shares the podcast’s host Vince Warnock. "As a successful entrepreneur, she understood what it takes to start a small business – but more importantly what helps a small business succeed."

Wearing all the hats can be exhausting but it is often one of the things that fuel the entrepreneurial spirit. Like in the case of Viktoria Altman whose experience of growing her own businesses helped her to become a legal marketing expert.

"When I had my own business I attempted to do some SEO on my own, found that it was confusing, so I wanted to outsource. And I found that there was very little quality out there," shares Viktoria. "People talk really pretty, and they send you a nice report, but you are not getting any calls."

That's when Viktoria decided to master a game herself. Armed with the understanding that SEO is necessary to compete with big companies, she decided to learn the skill herself. Eventually, she decided to help small business owners reap the benefits of SEO and started the law firm marketing agency BSP Legal Marketing.

"In my view, the best way of using SEO is for a lot of small local businesses and it's also for content-heavy websites," shares Viktoria. "But if you want to determine if SEO is something that your business should be getting even involved in my number one tip would be: look at what your most successful competitors are doing and then do it better."

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