Broward County Roofer Providing Accurate ‘Roof Estimates Near Me’ in Margate

Roofers Near Me Margate is a Broward County, Florida-based company that believes the key to being able to give a customer an estimate that is accurate and avoids adding some unanticipated costs to the final bill is to do a thorough roofing inspection. This company does this because it does not want to be known as one of those companies that present its customers with a final bill that is substantially different from the estimate a customer was first given. This is especially important when they are doing a critical roof inspection for a customer that is looking to get a roof replacement. Business characteristics such as this are what have helped this Margate roofing company establish a reputation as a company that operates with honesty and integrity.

A company representative, Dan Laicor, stated, “most people want to know approximately what they have to spend on a roof repair before the job starts. This only makes sense because that is how they can make important budget, planning, and other decisions that go along with that roof repair work. It’s something that we not only can relate to but we always go out of our way to make happen. Very seldom do we do any type of roof repair where the final bill is not very close to the estimate that was given to a customer for that work. This is just one of the traits that have made us a popular roof repair option in and around the Margate area.”

Laicor went on to say that even roof repairs that appear to be small often necessitate an inspection before commencing with that repair. That’s because there could be a bigger underlying condition leading to the roofing problem they were called upon to fix. He gave as an example a customer that notices they need a few shingles replaced. Once the company inspector is up on the roof, they may determine that the shingles came off due to aging and all of them need to be replaced or there is a bigger problem underneath the shingle with the insulating underlayment or roof plywood sheathing. These are roof conditions that would require expenditures that would go way above and beyond the cost of replacing just a few missing shingles. The company representative also pointed out that their company does roof inspections for free and the customer is under no obligation to contract with them for the roof repair after they have been given an estimate.

The company representative added that those in Broward County that know it’s time for them to get roof replacement work done count on them to do a thorough roof inspection before an estimate is given. That’s why so many in the Margate area choose to call their company when looking for ‘roof estimates near me’. When doing an estimate for a whole roof repair, they will walk the entire roof. This helps them identify unwanted roof conditions such as structural problems, improper roof venting, and leak-prone areas that will need some extra attention during the re-roofing project. This attention to detail during inspections has led to many of their customers leaving glowing reviews about the roof replacement work that the company performed for them. Lynn Summers stated, “Outstanding service. Quick to respond and even faster to fix. Excellent value for the money and provided a warranty so I can sleep well at night. Good, honest family-owned business. I would give them 10 stars if I could. They are my roofers forever on.” Marilyn Higgins proclaimed in her 5-star review, “Roofers Near Me Margate is a great company to work with. They were very efficient and professional. The workers were courteous and everything was cleaned up after each day of work. My roof looks beautiful. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.”

Those in Margate and the surrounding Broward County areas that are looking for a new roof estimate can contact the company by phone, email, or by filling out the contact form that’s found on its website.


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