Brooklyn Slip And Fall Lawyer Samantha Kucher Explains the Premises Liability Law

Brooklyn slip and fall lawyer Samantha Kucher releases a new article ( discussing the Premises Liability Law in New York. The lawyer also gives more information about slip and fall accidents in New York and how a personal injury lawyer may be able to help.

According to the Brooklyn slip and fall lawyer, “Today falls are one of the leading causes of injuries in the United States. The CDC reports that millions of people suffer injuries in fall and trip incidents each year. Although a fall accident could be inadvertent, the ones caused by the negligence of another are entirely preventable.”

Brooklyn slip and fall lawyer

The lawyer adds that accidents that occur on someone else’s property because of a dangerous condition are known as premises liability accidents. They can occur on private or public property, however, they are set apart by the negligence factor in fall.

Attorney Samantha Kucher also adds that the common causes of falls include slippery flooring, unsecured carpets, unexpected floor transitions, improperly maintained walkways, inadequate lighting, debris, lack of warning signs and barriers, and broken stairways and handrails.

In the new article, attorney Kucher discusses that falls represent over 8 million hospital emergency room visits each year. Falls are especially dangerous to the elderly and can even end up in fatality for those who are aged over 65. The common types of slip and fall personal injury include head injuries and traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, nerve damage, cuts, abrasions, or even death.

Additionally, the lawyer says that slip and fall cases are protected under the premises liability laws in New York. These laws say that a person who owns a property or controls it must keep the premises safe for those who are using it. If the owner fails to keep the property safe and someone gets injured in an accident, they will be held responsible for the damages.

Furthermore, attorney Kucher explains that the person in control of the property is legally responsible for any injuries sustaind in a slip and fall accident. These may include the business owner, homeowner, tenant, management company, corporation or a government agency that is responsible for keeping the public property safe for those who use it.

Lastly, the attorney emphasizes that it’s very important for a victim of a slip and fall accident to seek the guidance of a skilled New York slip and fall lawyer. Having an experienced lawyer may be able to help the victim file a claim and receive the compensation they deserve.

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