Brooklyn Bedsore Lawyer Samantha Kucher Discusses Elder Neglect and Bedsores

Brooklyn - Bedsore Lawyer Samantha Kucher releases a new article that talks about elder neglect and bedsores in New York City. There are many nursing homes and care facilities in Brooklyn, New York City and they can be the site of elder neglect.

“Bedsores also called pressure sores or decubitus ulcer is an ulcer that forms on a patient’s skin when they are immobile, bedridden, or otherwise unable to move or feel pain. When an immobile person is not positioned correctly, turned, or provided adequate care and attention, bedsores can develop,” says New York bedsore lawyer Samantha Kucher.

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The New York attorney mentions in the article that bedsores are signs of neglect. About 2.5 million people develop bedsores on an annual basis. The lawyer also adds that while bedsores may seem to be a very minor term, it actually has the potential to be life-threatening.

Additionally, the bedsore lawyer also explains that in a study of 2,000 nursing home residents, only 5 percent said they had never witnessed or experienced neglect in their facility. The Department of Justice also reports that in every case of nursing home neglect that is reported, 57 others are not.

The New York bedsore attorney says in the article that bedsores are “never events”. This means that the facility should contact the family of the patient within an hour of the discovery of bedsore. If the facility fails to do so, they may be subject to investigation and receive citation and punishment.

In the article, it is also mentioned by the bedsore lawyer that a facility is not reimbursed for any additional care used in treating bedsores. This is why some nursing homes delay telling the family of the victim about the situation and cause the elderly patient more suffering.

According to attorney Samantha Kucher, “Bedsores can cause patients extensive pain and needless suffering, often going beyond the surface level. Untreated bedsore can become very deep, extending into the muscle tissue and bone, and can result in serious infections such as localized infection, cellulitis, osteomyelitis, and even sepsis.”

Furthermore, the New York bedsore lawyer says that those patients in nursing homes who lack mobility should be checked regularly. Bedsores can be expensive to treat. This is why the bedsore attorney emphasizes that family members of patients who experienced neglect can seek compensation.

Lastly, New York bedsore attorney Samantha Kucher urges family members to be observant. Once a family member spots a sign of neglect, they should report it right away in order for their loved one to avoid any form of suffering.

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