Bronx Slip and Fall Lawyer David S. Leigh, P.C, Explains Slip and Fall Accidents and Getting Compensation in New York

Bronx, New York slip and fall accidents can be extremely serious and could lead to long-term injuries. David S. Leigh P.C, an experienced slip and fall lawyer in New York City, explains how slip and fall accidents happen and getting compensation due to negligence.

In the article, the slip and fall lawyer explains that even though a fall may seem like an unfortunate accident, it can happen. Neglect is however when another party is at fault and the accident cannot be avoided. “Just because a fall resulting in injury takes place on another party’s property, it does not necessarily mean that it can be considered for a premises liability claim. Negligence must have factored into the accident,” says Mr. Leigh.

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In these cases, the cause of the fall might be a dangerous or immovable obstacle that was not adequately addressed. This could result in an accident that causes injuries to the victim. This is what lawyers call slip and fall accidents in the US.

New York premises law protects slip-and-fall accidents. This means that property owners could be held responsible for injuries and accidents that result from unsafe sidewalk conditions. Both private and public property owners have a legal obligation to ensure that their property, including sidewalks, is safe for those who may slip, trip, or fall on them. Neglecting to do so can be considered negligence. This could lead to the victim being held responsible for all costs.

Negligence is the central concept in personal injury claims and lawsuits in the United States. It doesn't matter where a person is hurt in NYC, private or public, if negligence was involved, they may receive a personal claim.

However, slip and fall lawsuits and negligence are hard to prove and difficult to establish and must prove certain elements to prove that negligence contributed to a fall. These elements include proof that the victim was there legally, that the owner or person in charge owed a duty of care to the victim in maintaining or operating the premises, and that the owner or person in charge breached that duty of care to name a few.

The proper legal support may help get the compensation for the injuries, as well as any other damages including covering medical costs, hospital bill, doctor visits, medications, physical therapy, medical equipment costs, future medical costs, or loss of wage potential as they relate to the injury, and pain and suffering and emotional distress.

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