Bronx Personal Injury Lawyer Samantha Kucher Discusses The Compensation Available For An Injury Victim

Bronx personal injury lawyer Samantha Kucher releases a new article ( that discusses what compensation may be available for an injury victim in the Bronx. The lawyer mentions that under personal injury laws when someone is injured because of someone else’s negligence, the victim may be able to hold the at-fault party responsible and receive compensation for their injuries.

According to the Bronx personal injury lawyer, “Thousands of people are injured or killed each year in accidents in the Bronx and around New York City. Victims of these accidents come away with extensive medical costs, lost time from work, and often life-challenging consequences. When negligence is involved, the law says that the negligent party can be held liable for the costs and damages suffered by the injured victim.”

Bronx personal injury lawyer

The lawyer explains that a victim of an accident caused by someone else’s negligence may be entitled to compensation. This compensation includes medical expenses, potential future medical expenses, lost wages, property damages, and even wrongful death.

Attorney Kucher also says that there is an estimate of 15,000 car accidents happening around the city every month. Over two thousand of these accidents occur in the Bronx. Car accidents usually result in serious injuries and even fatalities at other times. These injuries can cause the victim pain and suffering. It is also unfortunate if the accident happened because of the negligence of another person.

In the article, attorney Samantha Kucher enumerates the common injuries suffered by victims of car accidents. These injuries include whiplash, back injuries, neck injuries, lacerations, internal bleeding, spinal cord injury, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Furthermore, the lawyer explains that many New York City rely on commercial trucks to provide goods and services throughout the city. The trucking industry is one of the most heavily regulated in the country. However, truck accidents happen far too frequently and this leaves devastating injuries in their wake.

Lastly, attorney Kucher emphasizes how important it is to seek the help of a personal injury lawyer when it comes to seeking compensation after an accident. Having a skilled lawyer may be able to help the victim receive the compensation they deserve.

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