Bronx Divorce Lawyer Receives Yet Another Encouraging Client Review

Bronx, New York - Juan Luciano, a premier Bronx divorce lawyer, continues to build on his reputation and winning record with one more favorable client testimonial.

Client Jaqueline H. says: “After spending more than 6 months with the previous attorney I turned to Juan Luciano to finish my divorce. It was a great decision. Juan devoted time to understand my case and made sure all issues were handled. He helped me focus on what was important and was the great advisor anybody wants in a divorce. Although I never feel a connection with my previous lawyer, Juan was instantly helpful and we build a great rapport.”

Bronx divorce lawyer

Based in New York City and offering a professional service area in Bronx, New York, the Bronx divorce lawyer has been successful in guiding the law firm's clients through the processes and hurdles of their cases. Many family law attorneys consider divorce cases some of the most time-consuming in their law practice. However, Juan Luciano and his law office staff at Juan Luciano Divorce Lawyer work carefully to make sure that their divorce clients are competently spoken for in and out of the courtroom.

Regarding divorce cases in the Bronx, Juan Luciano said: “One of the biggest challenges in any divorce and family law case is the way you and your spouse will determine your responsibilities toward your children. Where will they live? Who will make the important decisions regarding their lives?

“Child custody law has various nuances and should be carefully considered. Legal custody – making decisions regarding the children’s health and welfare – and physical custody – where they will reside – can be either shared or, in the case of sole custody, be the responsibility of one partner. And these will be determined based on many different factors, all of which will be considered under the standard of the “best interests of the child.”

Especially in cases of child custody, it’s important for a divorcing couple to get the advice of experienced Bronx divorce lawyers to understand the full legal impact of their decisions. Great divorce attorneys can help make this process faster and smoother for everyone involved.

Divorce cases in New York City often involve custody, alimony, and child support issues. This means that divorce cases require a lot of due diligence and skills in order to resolve the matter affably and at a minimal emotional expense to the client, as well as any minors involved in the proceeding.

Juan Luciano goes on to explain: “The financial support of your children is essential to their future and well-being. According to New York family law, children must be financially supported until they reach the age of 21 or are otherwise emancipated. In NY, child support is calculated based on set guidelines that consider both partner's gross incomes. It further considers which parent is the custodial parent. Because the law requires multiple financial considerations you will benefit from the professional legal advice of a Bronx divorce attorney. This can help ensure that your child support agreement is a fair one for your children and yourself.”

Juan Luciano and the law office team at Juan Luciano Divorce Lawyer, work hard to make sure each and every fact of a divorce case is carefully evaluated. This process may include depositions, statements, a thorough analysis of financial records, researching similar legal cases in NY, and more. By carefully assessing all aspects of the case, the divorce lawyer is able to ensure his clients are well served, whether they pursue a contested divorce or an uncontested divorce under New York law.

The Law Offices of Juan Luciano Divorce Lawyer make every effort to serve their clients in a way that goes above and beyond the manner of many family law attorneys. They pride themselves on their commitment to clients, a caring and thoughtful manner, and fighting for their client's rights in and out of the courtroom.

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