Bronx Divorce Lawyer Gets An Additional Encouraging Client Review

New York, New York- Juan Luciano, a highly rated Bronx divorce lawyer, continues to build upon his reputation and winning track record with one more favorable client review.

Client Maria C, a resident of Bronx, NY says: “Though my divorce was complex and lengthy, I did not doubt that hiring Juan was the best choice. From the first day, he was caring, conscientious, and demonstrated a thorough knowledge and understanding of New York divorce law. Right away I knew that I made a great choice. Starting with custody to child support, visitation, alimony, and more, he was there for me every single step of the way. Every phone call was returned without delay, every email message returned right away, every communication was spot on. Nobody wants to go through a divorce, but if you have to, Juan is the best attorney money can buy. His service is nothing short of outstanding.”

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Based in New York City and with a professional service location in Bronx, NY, and Westchester, NY, the Bronx divorce lawyer has been successful in assisting the law firm's clients through the experiences and challenges of their divorces. Many family law attorneys consider contested divorce cases some of the most time-consuming in their practice. But Juan Luciano and his team at Juan Luciano Divorce Lawyer, work hard to ensure that their family law clients are well-spoken for in and out of the courtroom.

Regarding Bronx contested divorce cases, Juan Luciano said: “In a contested divorce you and your spouse could not agree on the big issues. With the assistance of a divorce attorney, each party will negotiate terms that have to do with their children, division of property, and individual financial obligations. Because there are many matters to resolve under the law when ending a marriage, many divorces will go this route. No matter which path your divorce takes, hiring an experienced law firm can help to ensure the best results for all parties involved.”

A contested divorce is known as potentially adversarial and often has an extended timeline. However, as a rule of his practice, Juan Luciano strives to reduce conflict and to ensure that any issues are dealt with cordially and without any unnecessary delay.

Juan Luciano goes on to explain: “It is true, things can get confrontational in a contested divorce. But I find that it is always best to lower the “room temperature.” When you treat everyone, including the opposing party with courtesy and respect, this always helps things proceed smoother. Some attorneys really prefer to get confrontational but this can lead to additional delay and financial expense for their clients. I always keep my client’s best interest in mind, and that means it is important to negotiate firmly, but gracefully.”

Juan Luciano and his law office team at Juan Luciano Divorce Lawyer, work tirelessly to make certain each and every detail of a divorce case is carefully evaluated. This includes a thorough review of financial records, especially when it comes to long marriages where the partners build up assets over a long period of time.

Juan Luciano Divorce Lawyer and attorney J. Luciano make an effort to work with all their clients in a manner that exceeds that of most divorce lawyers. The law office prides itself on its commitment to clients, a thoughtful and caring approach to client representation, and fighting for their client's rights in and out of the court.

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