Bronx Ceiling Collapse Attorney Samantha Kucher Discusses Potential Causes of Ceiling Collapse Accidents

Bronx ceiling collapse attorney Samantha Kucher releases a new article ( that discusses the potential causes of ceiling collapse accidents. The lawyer mentions that ideally, a landlord would be expected to maintain the property that they’re renting out. They are expected to make necessary repairs immediately. However, ceiling collapses and building collapses still happen with frightening regularity.

Bronx ceiling collapse attorney

According to the Bronx ceiling collapse attorney, “From the collapse of entire buildings to partial collapses to less severe but no less dangerous ceiling collapse incidents, New York City sees a significant number of catastrophic building failures. In almost all instances, these are not mere accidents – they are the direct result of intentional negligence, and the property owner must be held accountable for your damages and injuries.”

The lawyer explains that ceiling collapses, as well as building failures, are avoidable if the property owner or the building supervisor keeps the building well-maintained. Most often, ceiling collapse accidents are due to leakage, improper maintenance, and landlords not taking care of the property well.

In the article, personal injury lawyer Samantha Kucher says that it takes very little for a collapsed ceiling collapse to cause severe injuries or damages. One example is a partial bathroom ceiling collapse that could result in a person being knocked backward while showering. This can lead to serious injuries like a concussion, or worse, a possible traumatic brain injury.

The article also mentions that victims will usually have to cover their medical expenses caused by their injuries from the accident. Serious injuries may cost victims thousands of dollars for medical bills and lost wages. These costs are not supposed to be the fault of the renter. The landlord or property manager should be held liable for the accident.

Attorney Samantha Kucher then enumerates the potential problem that can cause ceiling collapse accidents in New York City. These problems include a minor water heater leak that could cause sheetrock and wood to rot, snow that accumulates on a roof, heavy items stored inside the ceiling, and cracks in the ceiling.

Lastly, the accident lawyer emphasizes the importance of having an experienced lawyer if someone has been a victim of a ceiling collapse due to the negligence of an owner. Having a skilled lawyer may be able to help the victim receive the compensation they deserve.

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