Bronx Car Accident Lawyer David S. Leigh, P.C, Explains What to Do After an Accident in New York

New York: David S. Leigh, P.C., a car accident lawyer and the founder of the Law Office of David S. Leigh, P.C in New York City recently published an article explaining the necessary things to do after an accident.

Feeling confused or hurt after an accident can be expected and the legal issues would most likely be the last thing on one’s mind. The car accident lawyer explains: “Even in minor accidents, it is important to contact a car accident attorney. An experienced car accident lawyer will ensure that your rights are protected.”

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Bronx car accident victims are eligible to receive compensation. This can include medical bills, collision-related expenses, lost wages, and many people are unaware of this option. The insurance company offers them a deal, and they lose the opportunity to file a claim later.

There are a few things that a car accident lawyer can help with. First is by collecting and investigating data about the accident. It is possible that a person is too focused on the details of the accident. To learn the full extent of the accident, the lawyer may consult with experts in collision reconstruction.

Moreover, a car accident lawyer can also help in negotiating with the insurance company. It’s possible that an insurance company may not be supportive after the event of collisions and representatives from the company might offer a settlement that is lower than the actual value of a claim.

Another support that a lawyer can provide is determining liabilities. The lawyer will evaluate accident-related expenses and will compile a list of those who could be held responsible after conducting thorough investigations.

Furthermore, estimating medical and car collision-related costs are also things that a lawyer can help with. One might not receive the compensation they deserve if they don't know what future costs will be. Therefore, attorneys may evaluate accident-related expenses.

Even if the car accident was minor, it is important to seek legal assistance. “This will help you protect your rights and allow you to recover financially, emotionally, as well as physically from the accident,” said Mr. Leigh.

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