Britannia Fleet Removals Announces Increased Safety Measures For all Services

Britannia Fleet Removals and Storage, a member of the largest group of removal companies in the country, wants everyone to be aware that due to the COVID-19 crisis, the company is now offering a deep-clean disinfection service. It is a full-service removals company that offers removals, shipping, and storage services both nationally and internationally, but due to the difficult times created by COVID-19 has taken the decision to offer disinfection services that meet or exceed the recommended guidelines. As a result, the company can now provide a deep cleaning service as part of an existing removal or, if desired, a standalone service for any close proximity situation such as can be found in offices, vehicles, warehouses, car showrooms or anywhere that mandates such precautionary measures.

The deep cleaning is offered via a process called fogging. This allows virus-killing substances to be quickly dispersed throughout an area, and it will kill 99% of any virus. High-touch areas are hand disinfected with a strong virucide which is a physical or chemical agent that deactivates or destroys viruses. Both processes are safe for humans and pets.

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Mal Fleet, Managing Director of the company said, “It is predicted now that COVID-19 is going to be with us for some time. So, it just made sense, in every service that we offer, to be able to clear viruses to protect and best serve our customers.”

Based in Liverpool, the company provides several different types of service and has been in business for more than 40 years. It does local removals, and even offers a complete packing service. Mr. Fleet went on to say, “We pride ourselves on our meticulous attention to detail and careful work in making sure everything is done right – whether a move is down the street or to another continent.”

Britannia Fleet Removals undertakes house removals to any part of the country. It offers vehicle and even boat shipping and can even look after moving pets. A recent customer of the firm, Chris C. said, “They were superb. They weren't my only option, but the service was worth every penny. They were with us for three days overall, and the entire team - Mal, Steve, Chris, and Tommy - dealt with the Covid-19 restrictions well and took great care with our belongings. I would happily recommend them to anyone for complex moves such as ours.”

The company does not handle local and national removals only, however. Britannia Fleet Removals makes sure that it not only stays abreast of all the laws and legal requirements of relocation overseas, but all the continuously changing rules that the COVID-19 virus has brought about. The company’s staff is professionally trained and can handle all the bar-coding, packing, and organization that is required for individuals, families, or businesses to move belongings to other parts of the world.

Mr. Fleet said, “Moving and house removal is just not as simple as it once was. One of the greatest benefits to choosing a company like ours is that all our staff are not only very well trained, but we have enough people available to handle any type of relocation.”

The business is family owned and operated and was started more than 40 years ago by Mr. Fleet’s father, who ran the business until his retirement in 2006. Fleet Removals is not just a job to Mr. Fleet, who has not only maintained the high standards set by his father but has continually strived to improve upon them. It is truly a family run business and many of the other members of the team are related by blood or marriage to Mr. Fleet. His wife, Haley, has been employed at the company for 33 years and their daughter Ashley also works for the company as an office administrator.

Whether moving locally, nationally, or internationally, anyone or any business interested in the company’s comprehensive removals, storage, and deep-cleaning services, should visit Britannia Fleet Removals’ website. Telephone and email details are provided there as well as an online contact form.


For more information about Britannia Fleet Removals, contact the company here:

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