Brinton Vision Releases Article Answering Question: Is Lens Replacement Surgery Safe

Brinton Vision in St. Louis is continuing their series regarding refractive lens exchange (RLE) with an article discussing the safety of the procedure. RLE is a procedure that switches out the eye’s natural lens with an artificial lens to correct both prescription and age-related vision changes.

While RLE is safe­ – as the article states, “After thousands of surgeries, the doctors at Brinton Vision have seen very few complications relating to this surgical procedure” – any surgery comes with a modicum of risk. To keep patients informed, Brinton Vision used this article to discuss potential RLE side effects or complications, as well as steps to take to have the safest lens replacement experience.

Brinton Vision’s full series of articles on the topic of RLE, includes information about recovery time, the surgery’s effectiveness, and even cost of the procedure. To read the series, visit Brinton Vision’s website. Here you can also find information on LASIK and other vision correction alternatives to best fit any eyes and help change lives through the gift of sight.


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