Brinton Vision Answers Question: How Much Does RLE Cost

Dr. Jason Brinton of Brinton Vision in St. Louis, Missouri, has released an article discussing the cost of RLE, or refractive lens exchange, surgery and the contributors to the cost. RLE is a procedure that replaces the eye’s natural lens with a clear, implantable lens to sharpen focus and correct refractive errors.

The article credits the cost of RLE to three primary factors: the expertise of one's surgeon, the technology involved in the process, and the time involved throughout your journey to better vision. The location–not just the clinic, but the city and state as well–can also contribute to the cost of the procedure. Dr. Brinton explains, “The same procedure and care in a high-cost-of-living location such as New York City or San Francisco will usually cost much more than it would in the affordable Midwest, even if everything else is the same.” And while Brinton Vision advises against discount shopping when it comes to eye health, they do recommend taking into consideration the general cost-of-living in the area.

The article also covers the price of the procedure itself, both nationwide and at Brinton Vision. Dr. Brinton notes that RLE surgeries are “IRS-qualified medical expenses that can be deducted from taxes, subject to certain rules. Patients can typically use dollars from health savings accounts (HSAs), flexible spending accounts (FSAs), and health reimbursement accounts (HRAs)” to help pay for part or even sometimes all of their expenses.

To learn more about RLE and its effects on both vision and the wallet, visit the recently published articles on the subject on the Brinton Vision website. Brinton Vision provides LASIK and its six alternatives to St. Louis and its surrounding areas with a goal of changing lives through the priceless gift of sight.


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