Brilliant You Denim Manufacturer Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

Brilliant You Denim, a company based in Greensboro, NC, has launched a crowdfunding campaign. This crowdfunding campaign has a $25,000 goal. The company designs, produces, and distributes denim jeans that provide all day comfort, unprecedented versatility, and exceptional fit to accommodate all seasons of life. The company denim brands are made in Greensboro by the first black female jeans manufacturing company in the United States. The company vision is to help rebuild manufacturing capability in the US.

Brilliant You Denim was established by owner and founder Terry Davis on May 9, 2012. As such, it is the first Black female jeans manufacturer in the US, located in Greensboro, a city that has been nicknamed “Jeansboro” because of its reputation as the “jeans capital” of the United States. Terry Davis says, “The Brilliant You Denim Classic Collection was inspired by changes that my personal body experienced over a period of ten years. As others can confirm, we do not always have control over how our bodies change. But we all know that as we enter different seasons of our lives, we will experience some type of body change.” Brilliant You Denim brands are designed for women and men who wear jeans performing their everyday activities, that require a comfortable but affordable pair of jeans that offer exceptional fit throughout the day, regardless of their season of life.

Greensboro Jeans company

She continues, “After a very costly and time-consuming ten-year-long experience, I got the idea of how economical it would be, if everyday clothing was designed to accommodate body fluctuations. So, I asked myself, if I am thinking along these lines, I wonder how many other people have had the same thought…” Drawing upon the experience while working as an electrical engineer for many years, she came up with an “enhancement” innovation concept. The enhancement concept is incorporated into the seam which allows the jeans to conform to the person’s body, as well as offering extra inches of comfort whenever there is such a need during the day. Those who want to know more about the company can check out their recent media coverage.

For the Crowdfunding Campaign, the company is solving a two-fold problem. The first problem had to do with the impact of outsourcing jobs to other countries. As of January 2020, statistics show that there were 14.3 million outsourced jobs to other countries and this has had a negative impact on unemployment in the country. The second problem is the very time consuming, costly, and disappointing process of finding the right jeans fit that can accommodate and flatter people’s bodies as they go through the various seasons of their life.

The solution for the outsourcing problem was the decision to build their manufacturing facility in Greensboro, although there were opportunities to have a number of companies in China produce their jeans brand. Ms. Davis says, "We challenge ourselves to stay informed on the most robust techniques and best practices for sewing seams, stitches, constructing folds, overlays, etc. that will add quality and reliability to the end product." The solution for the second problem was the enhancement innovation, which is made from very stretchy fabric that is sewn directly into the seams of the jeans where the body experience changes. This enhancement innovation provides on-demand comfort after eating a meal, as well as allows for personalization of the jeans based on the person’s preferences. After a very lengthy application process with the US Patent and Trademark Office, the company have been awarded a patent for their enhancement concept.

Funds raised will be used to: 1) automate pattern cutting; 2) purchase raw goods for inventory; 3) purchase additional sewing machines to increase production capacity; 4) hire additional staff; and 5) expand our product offering. The first new offering will be a denim pencil skirt for women that will incorporate the enhancement concept. The new offering will be available before end of March 2021.

Ms. Davis says, "As the first black female jeans manufacturer in America, our goal is to be a role model to inspire others to be the change our fellow Americans need to see. We have some really amazing and fun rewards for you to choose from! Have fun personalizing your jeans. Thank you so much for supporting Brilliant You Denim vision of rebuilding manufacturing and investing in America." The iFundWomen Crowdfunding Campaign can be accessed using this link: crowdfunding campaign.


For more information about Brilliant You Denim, contact the company here:

Brilliant You Denim
Terry Davis
(336) 343.5535
Nussbaum Center For Entrepreneurship
1451 S. Elm Eugene Street
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Greensboro, NC 27406