Brighton Counselling Therapist Says Couples Counselling and Therapy Is Particularly Helpful When the Relationship Is Healthy

Brighton and Hove counsellor and therapist, Claire Sainsbury, has published a blog post indicating that couples counselling and therapy can be beneficial to couples even while the relationship is healthy. She has observed that counselling and therapy for couples can be particularly helpful even before problems emerge in the relationship. This is contrary to the tendency of couples to seek relationship counselling only as a last resort in their attempt to look for a solution for the relationship difficulties. More about this can be gleaned from

Couples often wait an average of six years experiencing an unhappy marriage before they go for counselling. The unresolved differences between husband and wife during that time continue to wreak havoc on the relationship. Claire Sainsbury wants to emphasize that seeking counselling and therapy much earlier instead of much later will allow the conflict to be resolved more easily because there would be no long periods of resentment and hurts. The key is for couples to get counselling before the issue has become severe. This is because if the couple has been fighting for months or even years, much anger and resentment will have already accumulated, which would be much more challenging to resolve compared to when the problem is still brewing.

Brighton counselling and couples therapy

“Couples counselling will always provide some benefits, regardless of how long the conflict has persisted,” says Claire Sainsbury, founder of The Hove Counselling Practice, based in Hove, East Sussex, UK. “However, it would be easier for the couple to resolve their conflict when it has just started. While the relationship is still going strong, couples would be more committed to finding a solution to their problem. A therapist would be able to help the couple recognise what may have been causing the problem and learn new ways to approach conflict and find a solution.”

Meanwhile, couples can use online counselling and therapy services offered by The Hove Counselling Practice. This is important because partners may be suffering from various levels of disharmony that may have emanated from pandemic lockdown measures. Couples can benefit from the fact that full confidentiality is observed and maintained while they consult with a therapist from the comfort of their own home.

With couples therapy, individuals are able to better understand the source of their communication difficulties, their modes of inter-relating, coping behaviours, and personality differences, It has been observed that as long as the therapist is able to assure couples that the sessions are confidential and that all precautions have been taken to protect their privacy, video and home sessions can be just as effective as person-to-person meetings. Teletherapy may actually be even better as it eliminates the feelings of discomfort that some people may experience while inside a psychotherapist’s office.

A key obstacle for couples seeking marriage counselling is the lack of time, making it difficult for them to schedule an appointment with the therapist. This is a problem that particularly affects parents with young children and online marriage counselling can benefit couples by offering the flexibility and time to help them finally get the help that they need.

Couples therapy doesn’t have to be about finding the solution for relationship problems. It can also provide couples with the tools needed to avoid some of the typical dysfunctional patterns in relationships, a number of years into the future. Couples can discover other benefits of relationship counselling by contacting The Hove Counselling Practice to arrange their initial online assessment.

Founded in 2015, The Hove Counselling Practice provides a variety of treatments for couples and individuals, offering them a confidential environment within which they can talk openly about their problems, learn new ways to deal with personal issues, and become happier as a result. Those who are interested in learning more about the services offered can visit their website or contact them on the phone or through email.


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