Brighton and Hove Businesses Can Now Get More Customers With Quantum Business Dynamics' Video Lead Engage Software

Hove, East Sussex based marketing agency Quantum Business Dynamics is proud to announce the release of their brand new product, the Video Lead Engage website conversion software, which is designed to help local businesses generate more leads and ultimately convert their website visitors into paying customers and clients. More information about Video Lead Engage can be found at the following link:

George Ogunsiji of Quantum Business Dynamics says, “Digital marketing has changed a lot since the creation of the internet. It used to be the case that you could rely on text and still images alone to make an impression on your potential customer. Today, you are able to add your own personal touch to your online presence to give it much more character. With our Video Lead Engage software, you can take that personalization to a whole new level.”

Video Lead Engage allows businesses to greet every website visitor with an automated video welcome that can book appointments, capture leads and drive more sales. According to Quantum Business Dynamics, the software works automatically and can engage in a number of tasks while adding a human element to each process.

Getting started with the program is a fairly simple and straightforward endeavour. Users only need to record a quick, highly personal video to connect with their visitors and direct them to take whatever specific action they should take (whether that it is to book an appointment, call, make a purchase and so on). Then, the Video Lead Engage software can be used to personalize the video further and style the video welcome widget to match the business’ branding and color scheme. Once that is done, users can determine how they want their visitors to respond, connect the correct channels and set a relevant call-to-action.

Ogunsiji says, “Lead generation has mostly been a very monotonous task. Whether you do it by sending out emails, calling people or relying on a call-to-action on your website, it never really had a personal touch to it. Video Lead Engage changes things. We can make your calls-to-action more meaningful, more personal.”

Quantum Business Dynamics have proven themselves to be a top digital marketing and media agency. The agency specialises in helping local businesses grow through four key marketing systems: Reputation, Reach, Resell and Referral. The Brighton and Hove marketing agency serves local businesses (such as in Brighton, Hove, Portslade, Preston Park, Rottingdean, Withdean, Ovingdean, Lewes, Steyning, Worthing, Shoreham, Littlehampton) and companies across the UK.

The company believes in earning their prospective clients’ trust and business rather than merely asking for it. Through the delivery of their marketing expertise and knowledge, they are able to help businesses acquire and maintain a 5-Star online reputation, increase brand visibility and exposure and maximise the lifetime value of each and every customer or client — and in doing so, ensure their satisfaction and earn their trust.

Quantum Business Dynamics’s work has earned them a lot of praise from their clients. On the Google platform, the Hove digital marketing agency boasts a perfect 5 out of 5 Star rating. Sandra S. says in her recent review, “It was inspiring working with George. He's so passionate and enthusiastic about his work. I've wanted to sort out this area for such a long time but knew I needed direction. Thanks to George's patience and support, I now realise how straightforward this is. I wish I'd found him sooner. Working with George has made such a difference.”

In another review, Mitch Wicking writes, “I can’t thank George enough for his marvellous work on my new website. He has totally changed my playing field for the better. My old website was just not doing the trick after six years. I wanted to showcase my scripts for videos, and George has not only done that but presented the video samples so beautifully too — they are really standing out! The whole site looks superb and is now boosting my visibility and sales fantastically. Thanks, George!”

Those who want to learn more about Video Lead Engage or other products and services offered by Quantum Business Dynamics can do so at the company’s official website. Quantum Business Dynamics can be contacted via the Contact Us page on their website. Alternatively, the company encourages interested parties to get in touch with George Ogunsiji via phone or email if they wish to pursue any other enquiries.


For more information about Quantum Business Dynamics, contact the company here:

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