Bricolage Behavioral Health Urges Parents to Watch for Signs of Depression in Teens

Flower Mound, Texas — Bricolage Behavioral Health, a mental health and addiction treatment services provider located near Dallas, recently published a blog post to help parents spot the warning signs of depression in teenagers. Teen depression affects many families in the U.S., and teen suicide has been drastically increasing in the past decade. Now with the pandemic, the numbers have increased even further.

The post says teenage girls reportedly have experienced more depression compared with teenage boys, but more young boys have committed suicide compared with young girls. Unfortunately, parents tend to use their own experiences as a reference when trying to understand what their teen is going through, failing to realize that teenage experiences will vary depending on the specific individual, particularly between those who had a healthy childhood compared with those that did not.

“Contrary to popular belief, depression doesn’t magically fix itself on its own, and it isn’t something to simply ‘get over’ by keeping busy with school and other activities," a Bricolage spokesperson said. "It’s not a result of ‘teen drama’ and often requires proper treatment and external help to manage. Untreated teen depression results in emotional and behavioral mental health issues that carry into adulthood. It prevents a child from learning healthy coping skills to manage stress and anxiety, resulting in a skewed sense of self-worth and a constant stream of self-criticism.”

Teen depression can also have negative effects on other family members, according to the post. Parents may find themselves feeling helpless as their teenage children distance themselves from other family members. Unfortunately, this feeling of helplessness may cause parents to apply forceful strategies in an attempt to motivate their children to talk about what is troubling them. Such forceful methods really don’t work and may even worsen the effects of depression and anxiety.

The post says the problem with depression is that people affected by it tend to be silent, which means that parents and other family members may actually miss indicators of teen depression. And it is vital to remember that the manifestations of teen depression are different from those of adult depression. For instance, depressed adults will tend to withdraw from loved ones and spend long periods of time all alone. In contrast, depressed teens will withdraw from their loved ones but remain in contact with some of their close friends. Adults suffering from depression will get little rest, but teens will tend to fall asleep at odd hours during the day. Adults understand depression will not last forever, but teens believe depression will be a constant feeling.

High school students tend to exhibit “teenage tantrums,” but it is vital for parents to observe how often these occur. Parents will need to look for a number of signs, such as: feelings of sadness that often result in crying spells; feelings of guilt or worthlessness, or too much self-criticism; loss of interest in pursuing their hobbies; and difficulty in concentrating or making a decision because of self-doubt.

If parents suspect the possibility of suicide, they need to take certain measures, such as: asking their teen if they are thinking about killing themselves; staying with the troubled teen until they can get further help; listening to their teen without judgment; getting rid of any harmful objects; and calling 911 in case of an emergency.

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