Bravafi Is Sharing Financial Stats For Kalamazoo Residents Since Start Of COVID

Bravafi, a company offering bespoke financial products and services to citizens in need of monetary resources, is drawing attention to the impact that the COVID pandemic has had on the residents of Kalamazoo, Michigan. Readers can head over to the company’s website to learn more about its offerings.

Kalamazoo County has seen around 31,170 coronavirus cases since the start of the pandemic and has witnessed around 470 deaths. According to statistics collated by Google, Kalamazoo County was 9th in the state when it comes to the number of verified COVID cases. The cases reached their peak twice, once during December 2020 and then once again in April 2021. Since July 2021, the number of cases has been steadily rising once again.

The COVID pandemic slowed down a number of key sectors of the nation’s economy, especially those related to retail, dining, entertainment, and hospitality. Kalamazoo has also borne the brunt of this downturn. The pandemic’s effect is evident in the numerous stories from Kalamazoo County that have been regularly highlighted in local media since April 2020. Small businesses that operated in the aforementioned retail and hospitality industries are the ones that were most affected by the disastrous economic effects of the pandemic.

Many established businesses had to close down due to a lack of demand and almost non-existent foot traffic. On November 8th, 2020, AMC shut down its Portage Street 10 movie theater in downtown Kalamazoo, a property that it had owned for more than a decade. The Kalamazoo State Theatre, a grand theater that opened in 1927 and has featured concerts, performances, and events from top performers over the years, was forced to close during the pandemic and wasn’t able to reopen until August 2021. Another example of the effect of the pandemic on the city’s local culture was the rescheduling of the Kalamazoo Irish Fest that was set to celebrate its 20th anniversary on June 19, 2020. It was rescheduled to June 18 and 19 2021.

These instances were par for the course when it came to event venues that relied on visitors to generate income. The shutdown of the venues also impacted the livelihoods of those who depended on the local hospitality industry. Those businesses that managed to persist through the pandemic also had to cut costs by reducing their workforce, forcing a sizeable chunk of the working population to find other avenues to sustain themselves. The labor shortage went on to affect other essential services as well. For example, the Kalamazoo Metro Transit reduced traffic on several of its routes starting October 7th, 2020, citing staff shortages and COVID-19 restrictions.

Authorities tried to counter the effects of the pandemic by launching initiatives like the city’s downtown social district program in November 2020. The initiative aimed to attract people to downtown Kalamazoo while requiring them to follow social distancing guidelines. The Kalamazoo police also stepped in and launched an effort in December 2020 to distribute $3,000 to area families in need, after a donation from Meijer Corporation. Discover Kalamazoo, an initiative to bring tourism to Kalamazoo County, also named a new president and CEO in an effort to raise the profile of Kalamazoo’s hospitality businesses.

In 2021, the city seemed to have rebounded from the effects of the pandemic as in December 2020, the unemployment in Kalamazoo County had fallen down to 4%, a number very close to the benchmark of 3.4% in February 2020. Kalamazoo is also the location for Pfizer’s manufacturing site for its COVID-19 vaccine, one of the world’s most technically advanced sterile injectable pharmaceutical production facilities, which created around 450 new jobs in Kalamazoo County.

A spokesperson for the Bravafi Car Title Loans talks about its observations after interacting with the local communities of Kalamazoo by saying, “We have seen an increase in applicants needing cash for 'basic' needs since the start of COVID.” Readers who are struggling through the pandemic can contact Bravafi at (844) 544-2388 to find out more about its range of financial services.


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