Bravafi Is Providing Financial Relief To Those Negatively Impacted by Covid-19 In Orlando

Bravafi - Orlando is supporting individuals and households in Orlando, Florida that are impacted by the coronavirus pandemic through the provision of financial products and services meant to offer some much-needed monetary respite. Readers can visit Bravafi - Orlando’s website to find out more about its services.

Orlando is the county seat of Orange County and home to Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando. A tourist hub that derives a sizeable chunk of its income from the scores of visitors that flock to its world-famous resorts, it was financially crippled due to the lockdowns and stay-at-home orders issued during the coronavirus pandemic. The whole of Orange County reported almost 230 thousand cases of the coronavirus from the start of the pandemic. It also reported almost 2300 deaths, placing it 4th in the state behind Miami-Dade County, Broward County, and Hillsborough County.

Apart from the cost paid in human lives, the city and county also faced a severe hit to its economic health in the form of mass layoffs that spiked the unemployment rate, since 13% of Florida’s workforce lives in the Greater Orlando Area. Between February 2020 to April 2020, the Greater Orlando Area lost 204 thousand jobs within the total nonfarm employment category. This was a precipitous drop of just over 15%.

The leisure and hospitality industry was the worst hit, losing 116 thousand jobs in the same time period equating to a 41% drop from its level in February 2020. This steep drop was due to the tourism industry’s biggest moneymakers in Orlando, Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, and SeaWorld shutting down and reopening in a limited capacity. For example, Disney World closed business starting March 15, 2020, and reopened four months later at 25% capacity. It furloughed 43,000 workers while the parks remained closed.

Local authorities took steps to try to minimize the damage caused by the sudden loss of business and restart the county’s economy by creating the Orange County Economic Recovery Task Force, as announced by Orange County Mayor Jerry L Demings on April 17, 2020.

Thankfully, efforts from the state and local bodies backed by federal initiatives helped most of Florida recover from the worst parts of the pandemic. The unemployment numbers fell back down to under 5% in 2021 with most industries recovering and adding back the jobs that they had lost over the last year.

However, in mid-2021, the Delta variant of the coronavirus reared its ugly head, leading to Mayor Jerry Demings issuing a statement in July calling it the county’s worst public health crisis since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. The county’s positivity rate for COVID-19 reached almost 14% in that time frame, and the mayor ended up appealing to citizens to reduce water usage to meet the demand due to the surge of COVID-19 hospitalizations. The mayor also lamented the economic impact of almost $43.9 million incurred due to the closure of 4 major conferences that were either canceled or postponed.

Those looking for a helping hand during these tough times can turn to Bravafi - Orlando which offers a hassle-free and seamless experience for applicants who want to avail themselves of its many financial services. Applicants can request a free quote by completing a fast process that quickly lets them know an accurate estimate of the funds that they can hope to get. The application process only requires some basic information about the applicant’s car which takes less than 2 minutes to complete. Once the information is entered, the company verifies it and qualifies the applicant’s vehicle. Applicants are then required to send in supporting documents such as an ID or driver’s license along with proof of income ($1500/month minimum) and the car’s title. The company will then promptly disburse the agreed-upon funds by cash, check, or direct deposit.

A spokesperson for Bravafi - Orlando talks about the difficulties that the regular working-class section of society faced during the pandemic by saying, "Everyone is being impacted by the virus but it seems to be hitting the poorer even harder. The impacts of this virus affect many of us mentally and that added stress is very concerning.”

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