Bravafi Is Providing Financial Help To St. Louisans During COVID

Bravafi is a financial services provider with a presence all over the nation. Bravafi - St. Louis, the company’s St. Louis branch, is helping residents of the city get the funds they need to tackle the unexpected and immediate expenses they may be facing in these unprecedented and difficult times. Readers can visit Bravafi to find out more about the company’s services and all the benefits that it offers over competing financial services providers.

St. Louis, Missouri, has accounted for over 29,000 coronavirus cases so far and has also recorded more than 600 deaths from the deadly virus. The positivity rate (percent of positive PCR test results) is around 7.7%. The first case in Missouri was confirmed on March 8, 2020, with the total confirmed cases rising to more than 1000 just a few weeks later at the end of March 2020. A stay-at-home order was issued starting Mar 21, 2020, with common exceptions such as healthcare, grocery stores, gas stations, and restaurants that could provide home delivery services. The city and St. Louis County also enforced an indoor mask mandate starting July 3rd, 2020. The region continued to enforce social distancing, mask mandates, and vaccination requirements all throughout 2020 and most of 2021. The discovery and detection of the Delta variant forced the city and county officials to reinstate mask mandates in July 2021.

The effects of the coronavirus were felt differently based on the location and demographics of the city’s population. St. Louis has the sixth-highest rate of minority residential segregation amongst the 50 largest metro areas in the United States. Segregated zip codes are much more likely to bear the brunt of the pandemic as there are not enough options to practice social distancing as the people living in those neighborhoods are more likely to use public transport, live in more densely populated areas, and are not able to afford to have their groceries home-delivered.

Apart from the tragic human cost paid by the city and county’s residents, the pandemic has also shaken the way many industries operate and do business. For example, baseball season got off to a rough start as the opening game scheduled at Busch Stadium was postponed affecting the livelihoods of all the hospitality businesses near and around the stadium that every year profited from the droves of fans that flocked to be a part of the great American pastime. According to the St. Louis Regional Chamber, the pandemic wiped away approximately $300 million dollars worth of potential income for the local economy.

The city’s officials responded to the looming economic catastrophe by announcing plans to tackle the core issues faced by the populace. As early as May 2020, Mayor Lyda Krewson had unveiled plans for a historic $64 million funding package to address the health, humanitarian, and economic needs of St. Louisans. She also requested additional CARES act funding in November 2020 to protect families, residents, and small businesses.

Bravafi - St. Louis is helping the humanitarian cause by making available its range of financial services to anyone who is struggling from the loss of income owing to the pandemic. Finding out whether one qualifies is as simple as filling out an online form and the applicant will get a response, mostly in a few business days, and, in some cases, may even get disbursement of funds in as low as 24 hours from the start of the application. The company can provide funds up to $50,000 at low and competitive rates to those who are approved. The company also extends its consideration to applicants who have bad credit.

A spokesperson for the company urges readers to find out more about its services by saying, "Not everyone could benefit from our help but we feel it's definitely worth finding out before simply giving up on finding financial help during this COVID crisis."

Readers can click here to find Bravafi - St. Louis’s contact information and read the reviews left by satisfied customers or they can directly contact the company at the phone number (844) 649-1128.


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