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UK based Chiropractor Near Me is pleased to announce that Rachel Dunn and the Vibrant Life Centre will be joining the ranks of other professional chiropractors listed in their directory. The Vibrant Life Centre caters to all chiropractic needs for the communities around its Braunton, Devon location. All those interested are welcome to visit the Centre’s Chiropractor Near Me listing in order to learn more about its services as well as obtain directions to their premises.

Chiropractor Near Me directory founder Andy Green says, “We are delighted that the Vibrant Life Centre has joined us at Chiropractor Near Me. Rachael is a fantastic practitioner and runs a thriving practice in Braunton, Devon. She is one of the UK's leading Neuroimpulse Protocol chiropractors and lectures worldwide on this technique. As such, the people of Braunton, and surrounding area are extremely fortunate to have her practicing locally."

Rachael Dunn Braunton Chiropractor

Rachel Dunn discovered the benefits of chiropractic care at a young age, and her parents inspired a life-long commitment to developing and maintaining healthy habits. Over the course of her illustrious career, Dunn came to understand that the body has a phenomenal ability to correct imbalances within and heal itself. Therefore, medical intervention should always be delivered in service to this natural healing mechanism.

That is why Dunn is also pleased to announce the launch of her ‘30 Days to Vibrant Living Program,’ which coincides with the Vibrant Living Centre joining the Chiropractor Near Me directory. According to Dunn, this 4-week program is designed to give users everything they need to revitalise their body in a gentle, approachable manner.

As explained on Chiropractor Near Me’s website, “The 30 Days to Vibrant Living Program is all about hitting the reset button for your body. It will give you ALL of the tools you need to gently detox and cleanse your body of toxicity, whilst supplementing you with all the vitamins and nutrition you need to start expressing your vibrant life.”

Over the course of the Program, participants will be guided through the process of cleansing and rebooting their body as they pave the way toward a healthier lifestyle. The Program also offers all the tools and support they need to do so at a comfortable pace, such as encouraging them to turn to healthier alternatives for some types of food — and dropping others altogether if they cannot be put in service of the body’s optimum self.

The Centre adds that this includes teaching participants how to make better choices regarding their overall health in a manner that suits their requirements. To assist this process, the Program will also provide them with meal plans and shopping lists for both vegan and gluten free nutritional options. Furthermore, the Centre understands that participants are still people — and people need a human element in order to succeed. As a result, the Program will also take steps to motivate participants, hold them accountable in order to keep them on track and even share guidance where necessary to ensure they do not waver too far from their path.

To enhance this, the Centre invites all participants to engage in a private support and accountability group hosted on Facebook, through which they can communicate with others at different stages of their wellness journey. Given that everyone in this group is working toward the same goal, to make healthy and positive changes in their lives, it is the perfect environment for all participants to seek (and bestow) the support they need to look and feel their best.

As a Google review from Mike G. states, “Rachael, Steve and all the team at the Vibrant Life Centre are just the most wonderful people. If you're suffering with pain or dysfunction I can not recommend them highly enough. Experts not only in chiropractic but also in communicating the what, why and how?” Those who get involved with the Program will be able to experience the value of this expertise from the comfort of their home.

Local residents looking for a Braunton chiropractor are welcome to visit the Chiropractor Near Me directory for a full list of appropriate options. They may also visit the website of the Vibrant Life Centre, Braunton to learn more about the services available at this location. Similarly, interested parties may contact Andrew Green of Chiropractor Near Me directly for further details.


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