Bozeman Chiropractor Publishes Blog Post About Back Pain

Waypoint Chiropractic, a Bozeman, MT based chiropractic clinic, recently published a new blog post on back pain and how to treat it. The post specifically discusses sciatic pain and how chiropractic care has been known to reduce pain and increase mobility in those who suffer from it. Additional information on Waypoint Chiropractic can be found at

The sciatic nerve starts in the lower back and runs through the buttocks and down the legs. When the sciatic nerve is damaged, one may develop a condition known as sciatica. The pain associated with sciatica usually begins in the lower back, with many of those who complain of discomfort in this area having experienced injury, herniated disks or a narrowing of the spine called spinal stenosis. These conditions often lead to back, hip and leg pain that gets worse over time. One may even experience symptoms in the extremities, such as numbness, tingling and muscle weakness. Both spinal stenosis and herniated discs put a great deal of pressure on the sciatic nerve and, since the sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the human body, putting pressure on it can be incredibly painful.

“Usually, someone suffering from sciatic pain is looking for relief in any way they can find it,” the blog post says. “Some common options that people turn to are muscle relaxers and other pain killers, rest or physical therapy, but these are not always guaranteed to relieve sciatic pain. When none of these options work, some people will be referred for surgery. But since this is invasive, it should be treated as a last resort, only after working with a Bozeman chiropractor to identify safe and non-invasive methods of pain management.”

Waypoint Chiropractic offers treatments that can help improve one’s overall health and wellness by helping to build a healthier relationship between the spine and the nervous system. The spinal cord connects to all nerves in the body, and spinal misalignments can leave the nerves open to damage. Chiropractic care aims to remove any spinal misalignments to improve the patient’s overall health, and this makes chiropractic care one of the best ways to handle sciatic pain. Dr. Cary Gentry of Waypoint Chiropractic is considered the leading Bozeman chiropractor for back pain for many in the region.

“Because sciatic pain is one of the most common complaints from those seeking chiropractic care, there is a multitude of research that shows it is an effective way of addressing the issue,” says the article. “One case study followed a woman with a number of medical conditions, including fibromyalgia, migraines and sciatic pain. With regular chiropractic care, she saw a resolution of 98% of her complaints. In a similar study, a man suffering from hypertension, wrist pain and sciatica saw a full resolution within just two months of regular chiropractic adjustments.”

Dr. Gentry is a highly qualified chiropractic care provider. Born and raised in Southeast Texas, he understands the importance of hard work, service and perseverance and puts these ideals and principles into his chiropractic practice. He holds a doctorate in chiropractic from Parker University. He has served in several chiropractic offices, including CTC Chiropractic, Revolution Chiropractic and Keystone Chiropractic. Furthermore, the esteemed doctor has spent countless hours furthering his education, and his expertise now covers a wide range of fields.

Thanks to the work done by Dr. Gentry and the rest of the Waypoint team, a number of patients have left 5-Star reviews praising the clinic and the results they achieved. One patient, Karen, says, “The Waypoint family is awesome! I started going there due to pulling my back moving boxes. I thought I wouldn't be able to run like I used to due to knee, hip and ankle pain after pulling my back. After X-Rays and assessment, Dr. Gentry started me on a plan, and I am running again with zero pain! I haven't felt this great in years! I continue going and now take my kids who are heavily into sports.”

Another patient, Luis, reports that the clinic has, “Great staff! Dr. Gentry is amazing! He is especially wonderful with children! I am not only having my son Daniel and myself under his care, I am bringing my whole family to him! His staff is warm, caring, friendly and always ready to greet you with a genuine smile! I highly recommend them to anyone and am hoping they can come to my office for a wellness talk.”

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