Bozeman Chiropractor for Ear Infections Posts New Blog on How Their Treatments May Help Children with this Ailment

Waypoint Chiropractic, a highly-rated Bozeman, Montana clinic, has just posted a new blog on its website. This new blog article has helpful insights related to ear infections in children and how chiropractic care has been known to reduce discomfort and help children thrive. They say that this common ailment in children can be very painful and disruptive to a child’s routine if not treated and can also leave parents extremely frustrated with their inability to provide relief for their child.

The clinic is led by Dr. Cary Gentry who says, “Everyone knows that chiropractic treatments are great for helping with such things as neck, back, and sciatica pain. We would like people to know that there are many lesser-known ailments that chiropractic care also has had some success treating. This includes ear infections which can be extremely painful for anyone that gets them and are especially rough on children. That’s why we took the time to write this newly posted blog article. It explains in greater detail how many times our treatments can help lessen the discomfort a child with an ear infection is experiencing.”

Bozeman chiropractor for ear infections

The blog article started by explaining that most ear infections in children are caused by a buildup in their bodies' Eustachian tubes. These can easily become swollen and inflamed as the result of colds, seasonal flu, and other ailments. When this happens, they block up and can become infected which, in turn, can create pain in a child’s ears. The newly posted blog went on to say that although most ear infections will go away on their own, this can take a while though and most parents do not want to see their child suffer and longer than they have to. The blog states that this is where chiropractic care has a role to play in lessening any child’s discomfort when they are suffering from an ear infection. Chiropractic care can help because the Eustachian tube is also connected to a person’s upper spine. In the article, it goes on to say that by manipulating any misalignments in the upper spine of a patient, Dr. Gentry is often able to restore the proper communication from the brain to the body. This often allows the fluid buildup to drain, the pressure to be released, and a child’s pain to be reduced.

There are other ways that Waypoint Chiropractic has come up with to make viewing this new blog convenient too. One of those is following this link here at which gives a quick summary of the new blog and offers a link to its page on this reputable chiropractor’s website.

Treating ear infections is just one of the ways that Dr. Gentry shows his passion to help kids and families grow up healthy without nervous system interference the way God intended. He specializes in what is called the Torque Release Technique (TRT). It’s a technique that is widely regarded to be the most specific, scientific, and reproducible technique in chiropractic care today. Dr. Cary Gentry is currently the only Doctor of Chiropractic to be Certified Advanced Proficiency in Torque Release Technique (TRT) in the entire state of Montana.

Those who have received treatment for ear infections and other musculoskeletal-related problems at the clinic have nothing but good things to say about the way they were treated there. Danyelle Grace says, “Dr. Gentry and his team are wonderful, friendly, and knowledgeable! They made our experience stress free, gave us hope for healing, and blessed us with a free evaluation. We are excited to learn more and to help our bodies heal naturally the way God intended. Thanks, Waypoint, for being so amazing!” This is one of 47 reviews that have been left on this chiropractic treatment clinic and when those reviews are averaged, Waypoint Chiropractic’s treatments rate an outstanding 4.9 out of a possible 5 -stars.

Dr. Gentry says they also like to create a friendly and welcoming type atmosphere at the clinic both by the way that it’s decorated and the personable way that everyone on the staff treats the patients and guests that go there. More information on the clinic can also be seen here on their Facebook page at


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