Boutique Growth Academy Creator Carina Hatton Launches New Website

Carina Hatton, the creator of Boutique Growth Academy, an online course that teaches starting, launching, and growing an online boutique store, has launched a new website. The website contains an overview of the course and Carina’s personal story.

Carina Hatton is the owner of an online boutique store that has done 7 figures in sales. She started the store out of her love for clothing, and other items with fun prints and patterns, and a unique look. When she lost her job with the company she had worked at, she decided to turn her life around and pulled the trigger on launching an online store. She did not have a straight path laid out for her and everything that she learned was through trial and error. Carina is now sharing all her secrets with anyone who is passionate about clothing and wants to start their own online boutique store.

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When asked about her course on how to start an online boutique, Carina says, “My course is designed for those who have always had a dream to work for themselves doing something they love. If you have researched starting an online boutique in the past, but don't know where to start or you're scared of failing, or if you already own an online boutique, but aren't getting sales, my course is perfect for you. I’ll teach you all the secrets of the trade that I’ve picked up by making my own mistakes. Boutique Growth Academy is designed to launch your online boutique with a bang and bring you consistent sales over its lifetime. Get in touch today and you can achieve the success and lifestyle that you have always dreamt of.”

The Boutique Growth Academy course is available for $197 per month. The course consists of step-by-step training on everything one needs to start, launch and grow their own online boutique, email support by Carina and her team, access to a private Facebook group for members only, Carina's personal 7 figure boutique blueprint that is the exact one that she used to sell 7 figures herself, monthly social media calendars that can be used to get engagement and drive traffic to the store, and bi-weekly group coaching calls with Carina.

The online training on how to start an online boutique contains information on many topics such as how to set up the business, obtaining a sales tax exemption and employer identification number, entity creation, how to create a logo in 10 minutes or less, where to buy wholesale items and what to buy, a detailed look on how to set up an online store in Shopify, how to create business social media pages on Facebook and Instagram, how to build a profitable customer list and what to do with it, how to get sales for the store using email and Facebook, and how to jumpstart sales from the very beginning.

The training also presents an in-depth discussion on topics such as where to buy inventory at wholesale pricing from tried-and-true vendors in the United States, which styles and categories sell the fastest to make more money faster, who the ideal customer really is and how to sell to them, how to price styles to sell quickly while still making a great profit, what styles don't sell well online, how online stores are completely different from brick and mortar stores, how to market to customers without breaking the bank, and how much money it really takes to get started.

A review of Carina’s course from Jen Taylor of Bad Moms Boutique says, “I am so grateful for Carina’s secrets. I now have a clear path. Carina has given me a plan to keep me on task and not overthinking the process. She has taught me how to sell the right way and the pitfalls to avoid. I was so tired of creating my own path and making so many mistakes that I got worn out and gave up several times. I feel like I got a hold of the best secret in town!”


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