Boston School of Boabom Martial Arts Announces Virtual Self Defense Classes

School of Boabom Arts Conducts Self Defense Series Via Zoom in Conjunction With The Public Library of Brookline

Brookline, Massachusetts — The Boston School of Boabom, a community of teachers specializing in the Boabom Arts, today announced the start of a virtual self-defense course series being taught in conjunction with The Public Library of Brookline. The first class will be held via Zoom on September 9 at 7 PM with additional classes taking place on September 16 and 23 at the same time.

Boston School of Boabom Announces Virtual Self Defense Classes

The hour-long classes are being taught by Yemado, the school’s director, and will focus on helping participants stay calm in potentially dangerous situations and learn how to defend themselves if they have to. Each week will explore a different self-defense technique from Boabom, a system of self-defense and meditation in movement with roots in ancient Tibet.

“Self-defense can improve all areas of one’s life,” said Yemado, director of the school. “It can make you a very confident person who doesn’t feel like a victim, and teaches you reflexes that you can use during that flight-or-fight response. We’ll also show participants how they can use their breathing to remain calm and centered during tense situations.”

The class is free and open to anyone. Participants should wear any type of comfortable clothing that gives them freedom of movement and allows them to follow along in a space that allows them enough room to stretch their arms out fully. No prior experience with self-defense or Boabom is required. Taking the class with a partner to practice the moves with is optional.

The self-defense series will incorporate moves in-line with the school’s teaching of the Boabom Arts, an ancient form of non-competitive martial arts with roots in ancient Tibet.

The self-defense series is being offered online via Zoom to keep within Massachusetts’ guidelines regarding Covid-19. By offering them through The Public Library of Brookline, the school hopes to introduce more people to Boabom and its defense techniques.

“We’re really excited about this opportunity to partner with The Public Library of Brookline for this virtual event,” said Yemado. “We hope to spread the word with the Brookline community about the benefits of learning Boabom and self-defense in general. We look forward to future collaborations with the library.”

The course series is being sponsored by a grant from the Brookline Community Foundation. Participants should register for it at

Boston Boabom on Facebook.

About The Boston School of Boabom

The Boston School of Boabom is a community of teachers specializing in the Arts of Boabom, a teaching based on an ancient system of relaxation, meditation, breathing, and defense with origins going back to pre-Buddhist Tibet. Boabom combines active relaxation, meditation in movement, and defense techniques, all in a no-contact, non-competitive environment.

Its instructors work together to create a positive and respectful environment that is open to all.

The school offers classes for children, adults, and seniors in a friendly, positive atmosphere.


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