Bobby Jivnani Plano Dental Brings New Digital X-Ray Capabilities to Plano, TX

Bobby Jivnani Plano Dental, a local family dentistry clinic in the North Dallas city of Plano, has brought the latest generation of digital x-ray capabilities to the area.

While the dental technology used by their dentist is likely the last thing on a patient’s mind while sitting in the dental chair, Dr. Jivnani’s clinic prides itself on staying cutting edge. “It’s true, patients might not realize it when we’re using newer or better technology,” stated a clinic representative, “but what they probably will notice are all the little ways we find to make their visit faster or more comfortable. For example, Digital Panoramic X-rays allow us to capture a patient’s full arch in a single image. This can mean the image we need can be done and ready to examine in just a small fraction of the time compared to older systems.”

As a full-service dental practice, Dr. Jivnani’s clinic does a lot more than just cleanings and fillings including implants and cosmetic procedures to full orthodontics capabilities. “Since we are a one-stop practice,” continued the clinic representative, “we have to have imaging capabilities for every procedure.”

Dr. Jivnani recently relocated his practice which had been started in Richardson, TX over 40 years prior by his predecessor. In the process, Dr. Jivnani did extensive updates in both form and function to the clinic prior to reopening at it’s new location.

Many, if not most dental practices transitioned from traditional film based x-ray machines sometime in the twenty-tens. Digital imaging systems promised a reduction in radiation output as high as 90% along with instant images. But digital dental technology has continued to advance. To stay current, practices like Jivnani’s invest in imaging machines with hardware that continues to evolve such as “Intraoral X-ray Sensors”, “Digital Panoramic X-rays”, and “Dental Cone Beam Systems”. The later are able to generate 3D models of patient anatomy and are predicted to become the standard in dental scenarios that Jivnani’s practice handles which take careful planning such as orthodontics, implants, endodontics, airway management, and other complex clinical applications.

Dr. Bobby Jivnani has been practicing dental medicine in the Richardson and Plano areas of Dallas for almost 2 decades. For more information or to contact Dr. Jivnani or his staff directly, visit his site.


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