Bob Jenkins Pest & Lawn Services Reminds San Antonio Residents About the Need for Mosquito Control This Summer

Bob Jenkins Pest & Lawn Services, based in San Antonio, Texas, wants to remind the residents of San Antonio and nearby areas about the need for mosquito control this summer because mosquitoes tend to be one of the most unwanted and uninvited guests during summer barbecues and other outdoor gatherings. Those who believe they have a mosquito infestation in their yard may want to make use of the services of certified exterminators who will eliminate not just the adult mosquitoes but also their larvae. Homeowners may also want to protect their home with Mosquito Guard Pro, which serves as an effective barrier against mosquitoes. More about Mosquito Guard Pro can be gleaned from

Mike Davidson, General Manager at Bob Jenkins Pest & Lawn Services, says, “It’s summer time once again and we surely love to hold barbecues in our yard in Texas. Unfortunately, mosquitoes can have a negative impact on our outdoor activities. When it comes to protecting your home against mosquitoes, we are a trusted leader in San Antonio and have many years of experience in the industry. We understand how uncomfortable pest problems can be and our exterminators are dedicated to resolving your mosquito issues. With our tailor-made services, you can be sure you won’t have to share your space with mosquitoes; we guarantee the job is done right the first time.”

Bob Jenkins Pest & Lawn Service has a team of experienced and certified exterminators in San Antonio. When they perform a treatment for a home, people can be sure that these skilled pest control technicians really know what they are doing, including the safety precautions to take to rid the home of pests, including mosquitoes, bed bugs, cockroaches, and rodents. Aside from providing pest control services to residential properties, they also offer extermination services for commercial establishments. This is particularly important for businesses because pests in their establishments can easily ruin their reputation. More information about these services can be obtained from

Mosquito Guard Pro provides a home with an effective barrier against mosquitoes, thus protecting the family and property from the irritation caused by mosquito bites and the potential health risks that they may bring. The primary solution is a completely automated system that makes use of an advanced misting technology that releases an active ingredient throughout the day, ensuring that all mosquitoes are eliminated in all treatment areas.

This permanent system is installed by fully trained and professional pest technicians who will make sure that the nozzles are positioned and directed in such a way that they are most effective. They can also provide a once a month mosquito control service using a backpack applicator. The latter option is suitable for people who are living in a rented accommodation but it can be just as effective as the permanent system.

Another pest that they can help eradicate are termites. This is vital because termites can cause substantial damage to the home, particularly its wooden structures. The exterminators at Bob Jenkins Pest & Lawn Services have years of experience in eradicating terminates from homes in San Antonio and neighboring areas. They can conduct a thorough inspection of the home or building for any signs of termites. They will spend two hours for the termite inspection to make sure that they will not miss any indications of the presence of termites. Some of the indicators of the presence of termites include foundation damage; damage to walls, floors, and ceilings; damage to fence posts and decking; and the presence of hollow wood in the home.

Another common household pest that they are ready to exterminate are cockroaches. Through their professional knowledge, advanced materials, and specialized equipment, they are capable to getting rid of cockroaches from a home.

Homeowners and other property owners who are interested in the mosquito control services, including other pest control services, offered by Bob Jenkins Pest & Lawn Services may want to check out their website at, or contact them on the telephone, or through email. They are open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday to Saturday.


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