Blingle Premier Lighting Still Offering a Wide Variety of Rental Holiday Lighting in North Dallas

Blingle Premier Lighting has established a solid reputation in the North Dallas, Texas area for being one of the finest outdoor lighting service companies in its area. It's also a company that caters to both home and commercial clients and is known for providing a wide variety of different outdoor lighting services. Something that includes Blingle Lighting’s crews being very busy during the late fall and early winter installing rental holiday lighting for its customers.

A representative of this premier North Dallas lighting company says, “While most people are just starting to think about putting up their Christmas Lighting or dreading the thought of doing that task, our company has already been at this for almost one month now. That’s because many homeowners in North Dallas have asked us to put up their Halloween lights or install lighting for many other festive fall events. It definitely is the favorite time of the year for our light installation crews as they are always happy to do the somewhat tedious and potentially dangerous task of installing outdoor holiday lighting for our customers.”

The representative went on to discuss why so many in North Dallas choose to rent or buy from them and have those holiday lights installed. It all starts with the company’s professional crews having a reputation for doing great installation work and being extremely courteous while providing that service to their customers. He added that many customers also like the fact that the staff at Blingle Premier Lighting will take the time to design a custom outdoor lighting display for each client. They realize that not many people would use their holiday outdoor lighting services if Blingle took a one-size-fits-all approach to that task. Blingle Premier Lighting’s representative stated that by designing custom outdoor holiday lighting creations for each client, it gives a customer a very unique holiday lighting experience. He also brought up that most people are surprised at the large number of holidays that Blingle Premier Lighting has holiday lighting for. A list that not only includes Christmas as one would expect, but also Halloween, Hanukkah, Valentine’s Day, the Fourth of July, and more.

More importantly, the representative added that when a customer rents outdoor holiday lighting from them, it keeps that person off the ladder and gives them more time to relax and enjoy their newly installed holiday lights and the season those lights represent. Rental lights also require no storage space, keeping a spare supply of bulbs on hand, or buying hundreds of feet of extension cords. The representative also slightly smiled as he proclaimed when they put up holiday lighting it will not still be up on a home or business in July. Each customer can choose the date they want their rented holiday lighting to be removed and Blingle will make that happen as close to that date as possible.

The company representative also wanted to remind both home and business owners in the North Dallas area that they do much more than just provide and install holiday outdoor lighting. They also have all the types of lighting necessary to make evening outdoor weddings and other nighttime events come to life. Blingle Premier Lighting also offers year-round luxury lighting, commercial lighting, landscape & patio lighting, and all types of permanent outdoor lighting. He also mentioned that the company’s world-class lighting service uses simple but innovative lighting technology, and those lights are often twice as bright compared to what is normally available in the outdoor lighting marketplace. The company has also managed to establish a wide North Dallas outdoor lighting clientele base by offering its services in such locations as North Dallas, Addison, Bluffview, Carrollton, Farmers Branch, Highlands Park, Preston Hollow, and University Park, Texas.

Those that are interested in learning more about Blingle’s Holiday Lighting Services in North Dallas can visit their showroom at 2750 Northaven Rd Suite 111-112 in Dallas or refer to their informational website which is also filled with many high-resolution photos of the holiday lighting work the company has done.


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