Blind Traverse City Artist Michael Sincic Relaunches Website

Michael Sincic's website has finally been relaunched after it was attacked by hackers and malware. Michael Sincic, who is a legally blind man based in Traverse City, MI, who paints amazing works of art, worked with Knorr Marketing in Traverse City to clean up the hacked data. He also had to stop accepting orders. Michael says, “I'm so thankful for the team at Knorr Marketing in Traverse City for helping me clean up my website. It's so important to me to have my website in order to share my art with the world.”

Michael Sincic is a legally blind creator of art who has served as an inspiration to many people who have met him and heard this remarkable story. Despite the odds, he became a renowned artist. He discovered his love for art in junior high and he has been sketching and drawing cartoons before he was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 1995. He was able to survive with the perseverance of his parents and with the help of a New York neurosurgeon but he became legally blind because his optic nerves were damaged by the tumor. Despite that, he learned to depend on his sense of touch to be able to continue producing paintings and sculptures.

As a young boy, Michael loved to play hockey and draw cartoon characters. He notes that he was actually living an ordinary life before he was diagnosed with a brain tumor at the age of 13. His surgeon inserted a shunt to relieve the pressure in his brain and told him that he had only 3 weeks to live. Fortunately, his parents were persistent and finally found a neurosurgeon in New York who was very familiar with his type of tumor. The tumor was finally removed after 9.5 hours of surgery but the optic nerves were damaged, leaving him blind.

He recalls that he was able to overcome the obstacle of being blind by having an open mind and persisting to paint with watercolors. He began to truly enjoy the feel of the watercolors and felt that he was making a contribution to society. Before he lost his eyesight, he had enjoyed watching the sunset and various things and he believes that can still enjoy such sights through his artwork even if he can’t see them. He also takes time to go to various schools to teach art classes and to share his experiences about being blind.

He established his company, “Michael’s Unique Visions” in the fall of 2000 and one of his artworks was commissioned by Steve Yzerman. Yzerman is the captain of the Red Wings Hockey team, which frequently held their training camp during the summer in Traverse City. His artworks have been sold throughout northern Michigan at Elements Gallery in Charlevoix and Harbor Springs; Main Street Gallery in Milford; DeYoungs in Traverse City, Park Place Hotel gift shop, Birds Unlimited, Chateau Chantal, and many other local galleries.

Michael’s paintings have been noted to be remarkably realistic for one who cannot see. And his paintings usually present idyllic landscapes, such as sunsets, beaches, and other natural sceneries. He regularly promotes his work, which are displayed in various galleries in the US and even in Canada.

Many people wonder how he is able to paint despite being blind. He explains that he utilizes a systematic process to first determine where various elements of the paintings are. He uses the ends of his paintbrushes to mark to location of certain things, such as the horizon line. He then utilizes pipe cleaners and masking tape to mark off sections. He points out that all artists actually use masking although for him it is much more beneficial. When painting a small section a particular color, such as red, and he wants to paint the rest green, he will first paint that small section with red. After the watercolor has dried, he then employs a large brush to paint in the green areas. After the green watercolor has dried, he will then use rubber cement to lift up the masking tape. And with regards to painting trees, he makes use of sponges.

Those who are interested in learning more about Michael Sincic and his works may want to check out his newly relaunched website or contact him through the online form on the site.


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